Recruit Profiles: Tokiwayama Beya

Following up on Josh’s commentary about the SNS ban, I wanted to bolster the idea with a few tweets from Tokiwayama-beya (formerly Chiganoura) about their two new recruits. Social media is a great way to introduce fans to the wrestlers, particularly when they’re just starting out or in the lower divisions. But these official accounts will rarely feature the unpopular wrestlers and certainly will not allow us a glimpse into their personalities and the lifestyles of the stable. Their own personal accounts would.


First up is fifteen year old Takashoki, born Fujiwara Ikuto, who is graduating from Middle School in Toyota, Aichi prefecture. He likes tonkotsu ramen and is a pretty tall middle schooler. Your humble correspondent broke the 5-foot barrier his freshman year but young Takashoki is already 6 foot 2 and will have a distinct size advantage on Hattori… excuse me… Shonanzakura in May.

Surely that’s a typo? He’s 6’2″? Wow…

Yes, that Toyota is headquartered in Takashoki’s home town. Nagoya is also in Aichi prefecture so he will be going home for tournaments in July. Aside from the ninja-infested castle next door to the stadium, there’s an amazing museum there which I highly recommend for visitors to Nagoya, called the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology.

Click the image for a link to the Toyota museum website
Click the image for a link to the museum website

It guides visitors through Toyota’s past as it produced textiles and textile equipment (under the founder, Sakichi) and then added automobiles (under his son, Kiichi). The econ geek in me is eager to go back. There’s also great entertainment and games for young kids. My son didn’t quite figure out that he could change gears. Oh well.


Next up we have Takatairiku. His name is Ito Riku, a fan of salmon sushi from neighboring Gifu prefecture. (Seriously, who doesn’t like salmon sushi? Mmmmm….) His hometown is Mizunami, a rural area with many luxurious-looking onsen and golf courses. Why on Earth is he leaving?

I do not (yet) have pictures of Gifu. However, I will — hopefully soon.

He just met the minimum height requirement for 15 year olds but as he’s so young, he’ll grow with his sumo. I’m eager to see both Takatairiku and Takashoki on the dohyo in May! As I’ve mentioned, I’m pretty bummed that these guys will miss out on the opportunity to wear kesho mawashi and participate in maezumo. I hope that changes in May.

9 thoughts on “Recruit Profiles: Tokiwayama Beya

  1. Good stuff. So glad you called out the Toyota museum. It’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I had no idea that Toyota as we know it came from textile manufacturing and the machinery that would power for example a loom.

    This is one thing I miss writing about and also experiencing…. I’ve only been to Nagoya basho once and NEVER AGAIN…. but I would go back to Aichi at a different time of year for sure. The different cultural activities and things that you can experience adjacent to the “regional” basho locations are incredible.

    • Never say never… The new stadium at Nagoya is supposed to be completed in 2025. I’m pretty sure it will have very different air conditioning facilities. Especially as it is intended also for ice skating…

      • Fair enough, although it’s a hard sell for me as a person who detests hot and/or humid weather and somehow continues to end up in it. I generally do not like to be in Japan during July and August if at all possible (was planning on making an exception last year for the Olympics, but… uh…), so when I went to the Nagoya basho it was literally only to complete my set (poor me!).

        I’m much much happier with the weather during… actually… every other tournament.

    • That textile section just methodically takes you from ancient people using sticks to manipulate cotton through every innovation and improvement…and just how rapidly those improvements have come in the last 200 years…I spent so much time over there I should have spent the whole next day in the automotive side. I’m just very eager to get back. Like you said, maybe not July, though.

    • And as for those fun things to write about, I think I know what you mean. This week I’ve loved learning about Endo’s Nagatanien kesho mawashi and the Shibaraku kabuki makeup that it comes from. There are so many of those little threads that are so interesting. I just wish I could actually make it to Tokyo and watch some kabuki.

  2. Toyota city, specifically the Toyota Sports Center, is also where Miyagino beya is lodged during Nagoya basho as of 2019. Toyoda Akio, the current president of Toyota Motor, is a strong supporter of Hakuho, and they seem to be on a first-name basis. So how did Tokiwayama oyakata steal a prospect from under his nose. 🤔

      • Isn’t Hakuho’s first name “Yokozuna”? Even his wife addresses him as “Yokozuna”. 😅

        I’ve seen fans refer to him as “Sho-kun”. 😳


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