Hatsu Basho Archive Page

In preparation for Hatsu, I’ve gone ahead and created the permanent “Archive Page” for the tournament. It’s got a rundown of promotions, demotions, and activity so far and I will continue to add to it until January. That page will only have information that impacts Hatsu Basho 2021, so no news about the amateur tournament or other ancillary news. Although, if one of the participants in the amateur tournament joins a stable between now and then, yes, that will be covered there.

Where you’ll find the Archives

Blog posts will still work as usual but if you’re getting lost in the infinite scroll when trying to read about a specific tournament, these archive pages will help out. Again, it’s in the main menu under Tournament Archives. From the root archive page, you can click on the appropriate name in the table, or you can mouse over the menu option and go to the right tournament directly.

Right now, there’s not a lot there, just a short discussion of the Covid situation and attendance changes. Basically a short status of where we are. When the wrestlers go on degeiko, when the banzuke’s out, etc., I’ll post links to any of those related posts there. The biggest thing is all of the tournament previews, highlights, and other coverage will be organized in a nice, little table for quick and easy reference.

4 thoughts on “Hatsu Basho Archive Page

  1. I looked at the November basho archive and it’s great – very accessible. Looking forward to the Hatsu basho archive filling up. Thank you!

  2. Really excellent work. That’s a very well organized page. I think this really adds value. Obviously it doesn’t happen so often, that people look up previous, but it’s always cool to look back at significant tournaments for your favorite rikishi.


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