Grand Sumo Breakdown Popularity Poll

Our fine friends over at GSB have posted their second annual Rikishi Popularity Poll. I swear, it’s the most difficult poll ever. Not quite a Sophie’s Choice but shoot…just picking a Favorite Ozeki puts me in a serious bind, much less a favorite rikishi. But ignore me, I’m the nut who militantly refuses to choose a side in just about anything but the Carolina/Duke game.

12 thoughts on “Grand Sumo Breakdown Popularity Poll

  1. Done. On the hopes that this may get to NHK, I think everbody who posts here should respond so they see that they have have a growing audience outside of Japan and give us more coverage!

  2. It says I can’t vote as I’ve already filled the survey out once – that would have been last year, as I’ve certainly not done it recently

  3. I just voted…and it is a bit different from last year. But I like this, though! It is kind of interesting see how many people voted and for WHOM! Andy, you already know I’m a Carolina boys all the way! Go ‘Heels! …lol!…

  4. Voted yesterday – liked this survey compared to last year.

    I can’t wait to read the results!

    I too would like these results to go to the NSK!

  5. I’ll be astonished if Ura doesn’t get the “favourite in juryo” prize; I voted for him although I think that Azumaryu is a fantastic technician when he’s on form. I wonder who will take the “least favourite in maku’uchi” award. I went for Takakeisho: I have great respect for the guy’s attitude and commitment but I just can’t stand his style of sumo.

  6. Wish I could do a third, fourth and fifth favorite rikishi. My top two, even, are both different than last year. I could use a few extra favorite slots for Juryo, too. There are close to 10 in the top division who I always hope do well, and nary a one I hope ill against (unless Hakuho is pulling his same crap from the last few years). And a lot of the Juryo crowd will be in top division come this time next year, so my results might shift yet again.

  7. Honestly, Strangely enough I had little issue answering their poll… I found it weird that the answers came to me as quickly as they did.. I could of sworn I would of struggled with some of them.

  8. This must be the first time since I resumed by interest in sumo in 2014 that would have not had Tochinoshin in my top two favourites. I still want him to win every match but now it’s more a case of ” hang in there son” with occasional bursts of “you still got it”.

  9. I’m a Takakeisho fan and have been since a few months after his first tournament in the top division, but I had to say my favorite basho this year wasn’t Takakeisho’s yusho but rather Terunofuji’s — an amazing story made all the more incredible by the fact that it clearly wasn’t a fluke like Tokushoryu’s.


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