Shodai’s Ozeki Promotion Official

During the board meeting held today, Shodai’s promotion was approved unanimously. Here he is raising the customary fish. Congratulations and best wishes, Shin-Ozeki!

The whole ceremony (including all the awkward stage directions and transitions) was streamed live on YouTube, and can be seen here:

11 thoughts on “Shodai’s Ozeki Promotion Official

  1. I guess I’ve never noticed any “raibu” broadcasts before. Do they not have a better word in Japanese that they absolutely butcher the English word?

    • The closest would be, in romaji, “nama-housou” which translates to live broadcast. But in the internet spirit of things, the Japanese often use transliterated loanwords in kana to emphasise things, and it’s basically their equivalent of using all-caps.

  2. Great! Now we have three ozeki with the potential to dominate sumo as the yokozuna fade away. (Fingers crossed against injuries). Lets hope we soon have the first ozeki yusho for many years, then more of them, then a promotion.

    • So far he was free from any grave injuries, I hope it remains that way. And if he keeps up this sumo he will be a worthy ozeki. I’m really happy for him.

  3. Great news! Always secretly hoped Shodai would make it, if for no other reason than to give the “next Ozeki Shodai” meme it’s happy conclusion.

    I remember a few years ago when there were jokes (or threats?) about banning people who made comments about next Ozeki Shodai here. Good times!


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