November Basho To Be Held In Tokyo

As expected, the November sumo tournament will be held in Tokyo, instead of the customary Fukuoka Kokusai Center. Since the Osaka tournament in March, the Japan Sumo Association has re-homed the tournaments to the Kokugikan in an attempt to limit exposure of the athletes to sources of COVID-19. As a result, both the Nagoya basho, and now the Kyushu basho will take place in Tokyo instead.

The association seems to be gaining confidence on their measures to conduct a sumo tournament in the midst of a pandemic, and they are increasing the number of tickets they will place for sale for each day of the November tournament. There has also been declarations that the restrictions on joint training, or degeiko, will be relaxed in the coming days to permit high ranking rikishi from small stables the chance to train against someone of their own skill level.


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