Kachi-Koshi Bingo

Alrighty then. Day 10 finally gets our first kachi-koshi records for the Aki 2020 basho. At the beginning of the tournament, Laurie and Leslie from Sumo Kaboom! put together the Kachi-Koshi Bingo. Clearly, we didn’t know who would go kyujo. Kiribayama’s the latest in a string of absences. Yutakayama, Kotoshogiku, Kyokutaisei, Ishiura, along with both Yokozuna and Abi.

Ah, such is the game. If you’re like me, and you only play one card, we’re kinda SOL. I don’t exactly fit the mold of the avid Bingo Parlor resident, 8 cards at the ready…yet. So I have not (yet) gone back to the link and put in my “Big Al” alias. YET. I know there are several out there with much worse luck, who could be in the running for make-koshi bingo or the Kyujo Bingo. I’m dying that Shodai’s blocked by Shohozan, who picked up his make-koshi on Sunday, and Tokushoryu who may get it tonight against Hoshoryu.

Regardless, last night five men picked up their kachi-koshi. If you’re lucky enough to have a row with Takakeisho, Shodai, Wakatakakage, Onosho, AND Tobizaru, you’re in luck! If it were me, I’d go out and buy a lottery ticket or two (or 70). My mouth watered when I looked at my card and saw, Shodai, Takarafuji, Wakatakakage…SHOHOZAN?!?! Shoot.

I think my best (only?) chance lies on the Takanosho, Kotoshoho, Hokutofuji, Ichinojo, Tobizaru line — and that’s only got one confirmed kachi-koshi. Takanosho and Kotoshoho are two wins away, Ichinojo’s three, and Hokutofuji’s still five away! Make-koshi — and a solid block — will be confirmed tonight for either Hokutofuji or Ryuden. Even if Ryuden wins, another Okinoumi loss blocks that row. Well, at least I don’t have a make-koshi bingo yet. No free-space joy in this version…instead I got Enho for the 4-way block. Oh well…I may wait until November or, go click on the link and register an entry for each kid and my buddy “Snidely Whiplash.” I’d never be so, underhanded, though. Though I would pull a henka on a fellow Yokozuna on senshuraku…so maybe?


9 thoughts on “Kachi-Koshi Bingo

  1. Noooo not Kiribayama too!!!! aaargh! so far i’ve only got Tobizaru and Takakeisho – horizontal bingo not an option thanks to Abi! Tobizaru vertical not an option thanks to Yutakayama, Takakeisho vertical perhaps.. perhaps… perhaps…. but Daieisho & Tokushoryu numbers will make that impossible too! throws hands in the air! hehehehe….

  2. just for fun i may do makekoshi bingo as well using the same bingo sheet – it will probably fill up quicker hahaha

      • oh man! i came sooooo close to kachikoshi bingo!!! after all that i’m not kidding! Takanosho Asanoyama Takayasu Kiribayama but at the end of the row was Kaisei and the rikishi that defeated him was next to his name in the next row! aaagh Kagayaki ya killed me ! when Kiribayama went kyujo i thought that was it, but his reappearance and then subsequent kachikoshi gave me 4 in a row with only Kaisei remaining… soooo close!

  3. I was lucky enough to get a sheet in which no one was kyujo at the time I got it. Still… my best shot is probably if Tochinoshin can somehow pull off a kachi-koshi, because he’s in a row with Tobizaru, Onosho, Takarafuji and Tamawashi.

  4. I have Wakatakakage in the center square — and three of the four possibilities using that square already blocked (thanks Kotoshogiku, Ishiura, Yutakayama, Kyokutaisei). My best hope is probably the column that reads Meisei, Shodai, Ichinojo, Kotoshoho, and Sadanoumi, but… um, yeah.


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