Mock Natsu Basho Special Prizes

The following special prizes have been announced:

Kanto-Sho (Fighting Spirit):

  • Sadanoumi
  • Kotoshoho (Conditional)

Shukun-Sho (Outstanding Performance):

  • Mitakeumi (Conditional)
  • Sadanoumi (Conditional)
  • Takanosho (Conditional)

Gino-Sho (Technique):

  • Mitakeumi

Mitakeumi will receive a shukun-sho if he takes the yusho; the same goes for Sadanoumi. Kotoshoho will receive a kanto-sho if he wins, which would give him double-digit victories in his Makuuchi debut. Takanosho will receive a shukun-sho for defeating the yusho winner if he can pick up his 8th victory and Mitakeumi or Asanoyama is the tournament champion.


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