Mock Natsu Storylines, Day 13

Heading into the final weekend of our “unique” basho, some storylines have already reached their conclusion, but much is still to play for. Let’s take a look at where things stand.

The yusho race

Mitakeumi (11-2) leads over a deep 10-3 chase group that includes Hakuho, Asanoyama, Tokushoryu, Ishiura, Chiyotairyu, and Sadanoumi. Day 14 bouts should pare down the list of contenders after head-to-head matchups between Sadanoumi and Chiyotairyu, Ishiura and Mitakeumi, and Tokushoryu and Hakuho (Asanoyama faces 7-6 Shodai).

The Ozeki ranks

Shin-Ozeki Asanoyama is in the yusho race, and is displaying the kind of form that many think will take him one rank higher before too long. On the other hand, Ozeki Takakeisho had to pull out after picking up his 8th loss, and will drop to Sekiwake.

Lower san’yaku

Mitakeumi has secured another tournament at Sekiwake, and Shodai needs one more win to do likewise. Komusubi Daieisho (6-7) is one loss away from dropping down to the rank-and-file, while Komusubi Okinoumi (5-8) has long since locked in his demotion.

At the moment, the leading contender to ascend to Komusubi is none other than M7w Tokushoryu, who may have another 2020 surprise up his sleeve. Also in with a shout are M2w Onosho (7-6), M4w Aoiyama (8-5), and the M8 duo of Ishiura and Chiyotairyu. Pretty much everyone else in the M1-M5 ranks who hasn’t picked up their 8th loss yet could also join the promotion queue with strong final-weekend performances.

Demotion danger

Sadly, M17 Terunofuji is heading back to the second division after pulling out of the tournament without a single win. It might be too late for M15 Chiyomaru (4-9) and M17 Kotoyuki (5-8) to save themselves, while M16 Kotoeko (5-8) must win out, and the same might be the case for M11 Tochinoshin (3-10). M10 Kaisei (3-10) needs one more win, while everyone else has locked in a return to the top division.

3 thoughts on “Mock Natsu Storylines, Day 13

  1. We now know that this basho will come down to the final day. Even if Mitakeumi wins tomorrow there will be at least two men who will be on 11 wins. I smell a play-off (but then I usually say that).

    I do hope that prizes will be given out. Mitakeumi is near certain to get a shukun-sho, and I would imagine that Ishiura and Sadanoumi will get a kanto-sho, as will Kotoshoho if he can win out. As for the technique prize, maybe we should throw that one open to a vote.

  2. It’s satisfying to see Tokushoryu bounce back…but OMG the tears for my falling favorites!


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