Former Ozeki Takayasu Withdraws From Mock Natsu Basho

Following his day 13 re-injury to his knee, former Ozeki Takaysu has withdrawn from the mock Natsu basho. Luckily he had already reached his 8th win, and is kachi-koshi. But given the nature of the injury, there is a worry on his viability for the next tournament. Reason for kyujo is listed as inflammation of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), 3 weeks rest.

His day 14 opponent, Onosho, will receive the forfeit win, which will make him kachi-koshi for the mock Natsu basho.

We hope that Takayasu can recover and return healthy for the next tournament.

2 thoughts on “Former Ozeki Takayasu Withdraws From Mock Natsu Basho

  1. On the bright side, a KK record at M2 leaves Onosho in a strong position to claim an open Komusubi slot for the first time since the ill-fated (for him) January 2018 basho.


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