Mock Natsu – Day 5 Torikumi

Courtesy of Grand Sumo Breakdown and Tachiai – Day 5 matches for our mock Natsu basho

4 thoughts on “Mock Natsu – Day 5 Torikumi

  1. Oof! The Kotoshogiku/Terunofuji bout…that brings up all the feelz. Unless one of them retires, this bout will happen for real. There’s history there. There’s drama. Both big yorikiri men with knee stuggles but such different trajectories.

  2. Ishiura might never have a better shot at a yusho. From where he is on the banzuke he’ll face maybe 3 or 4 high rankers at most, with no Yokozuna if Kakuryu goes kyujo. Anyone else I think he’s got a decent chance against.


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