A Glimpse Into Heya COVID-19 Precautions

Shikihide beya’s Okamisan, Megumi, offers followers a description and a few pictures of the precautions their stable takes daily to clean and disinfect the communal to protect wrestlers from the Coronavirus.

They emphasize hygiene practices of hand-washing, gargling and use of hand sanitizer. Trips outside are restricted to essential tasks like shopping for food. Shopping is done with masks, eye protection, hair caps, and gloves. Back at the stable, things like the soles of slippers, handrails, TV remote, and switches are sanitized frequently. Chanko is prepared and served with masks and gloves.

3 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into Heya COVID-19 Precautions

  1. We can sleep better now that we know that, whatever calamity befalls the other heya, Hattorizakura is safe.

    • Thank goodness. I’d been worried that it was Hattorizakura who tested positive, and that He would ruin the basho for everyone else.


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