Rikishi Positive for COVID-19

It’s official; an unnamed rikishi at an unspecified heya has tested positive for the new Coronavirus. According to the NSK, there are no other wrestlers or staff from the heya who are exhibiting symptoms and no others feel sick. The Kyokai Announcement confirms that the rikishi fell ill on the fourth. An early quick test on the 8th was negative but the subsequent PCR test was positive. Other members of the heya and staff have been isolated and will comply with guidance from the Health Department.

Since some infected people are asymptomatic or exhibit mild symptoms, all of the wrestlers and staff need to be tested, though it is unclear from the article whether there will be further testing. I hope that would fall under the guidance from the Health Department, along with the isolation. Containment of the infection is key and safety is the Kyokai’s stated top priority. Tachiai will bring further details and developments as they come.

8 thoughts on “Rikishi Positive for COVID-19

  1. Japan has a shortage of tests just like most of the rest of the world. Except Iceland, maybe… I hope exposure to a confirmed case is enough to guarantee a test.

    • Here, the requirement for testing was symptoms + recent travel to certain countries or symptoms + close contact to a confirmed case. If they use those strict conditions, the whole stable should be tested. Because I had symptoms but no travel or close contact to a confirmed case, I was not allowed to get tested until I was taken to the ER. Since then, the conditions were relaxed to allow physician discretion.

      • The thing is, they should not require symptoms. If there are any carriers, they should be separated from the rest. Data from Iceland indicates that about 50% of carriers are asymptomatic.

        • I 100% agree and it’s hard for me to put any faith in the numbers being cited in the media because of the insufficient testing.

  2. If I were a rikishi, I would not want to compete at Natsu unless every single rikishi had been tested negative just before the start. The thermometer reading isn’t enough. Too many asymptomatic carriers.
    If the NSK is not prepared, or allowed to test everyone, they should cancel.


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