Haru Preview and Predictions Audio Podcast

Josh, Andy and Bruce discuss our outlook and predictions for this 2020 Haru Basho. Can they make it to 15 days without anyone getting sick? Can Asanoyama hit double digits again? Who do we think will have a breakout basho, who will score the biggest make-koshi, and our always regrettable predictions of who will take the Emperor’s cup.

One thought on “Haru Preview and Predictions Audio Podcast

  1. Who’s going to do well? Based on the fire that leapt up in his eyes halfway through Hatsu, I’m hoping that Onosho racks up some numbers. Unfortunately, he does still seem to have a weakness against tall folks, and he’s surrounded by them at M5.

    Who might win? Well ….. who is going to be least affected by the absence of a crowd? The man who’s least affected by Anything, the apotheosis of Cool, Okinoumi! He’s made deep runs in a few basho, especially in ones where the situation got a bit confused. I expect no tears if he pulls it off.


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