Haru Basho Dohyo Matsuri – Live!

Very excited for this one. It seems the Japan Sumo Association will be live-streaming the dohyo consecration ceremony in an attempt to compensate for not allowing spectators to see it first hand.

For Sumo fans who have never had a chance to see this first hand, it’s a very interesting ceremony that happens before every tournament.

7 thoughts on “Haru Basho Dohyo Matsuri – Live!

  1. I had the same thought about why they’re airing this. I almost wonder if the lack of commentary/subtitles points to this being a last-minute decision. (Possibly the first knee-jerk decision the NSK’s made in forever that I actually like.)

  2. Wow, so many questions, but I’ll limit it to one.

    The poles with the white streamers attached. What are they, what is their significance?

    • P.S. Thank you, Tachiai, for bringing this to us. As NHK likes to say, “There’s more to Sumo than meets the eye.”

    • In Shintoism of which sumo is very much ingrained, these paper streamers are called Gohei (御幣), onbe (御幣), or heisoku (幣束). They are used to petition the spirits’ blessings of the ring and locale. More specifically to cleanse of interferences (in this case namely COVID-19), and anything with negative energy.


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