Japan Sumo Association Cancels Spring Jungyo

Word from Japan today that in the wake of the decision to hold Osaka’s Haru Basho with no spectators, the spring jungyo has been canceled. The public relations director, Shibatayama oyakata (the former Onokuni) announced earlier on Thursday that the spring jungyo tour dates would be delayed until next year. While this is a disappointment for fans across Japan, the spread of the corona virus is becoming a fact of daily life. With it come cancelations to public gatherings and ceremonies of all types.

3 thoughts on “Japan Sumo Association Cancels Spring Jungyo

  1. good!
    wrestlers are not robots

    animals need rest
    all of us

    it takes a pandemic to get there

  2. I was far more worried about this than the basho. I’m very glad to hear that it has been cancelled,.


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