Hatsu Banzuke Audio Podcast

Team Tachiai is breaking our normal “Mega Podcast” into smaller components to make it easier to enjoy. First up are Bruce and Andy’s commentary on the banzuke, published Christmas Eve in the US, for the upcoming Hatsu basho. Audio version only for now, with video posted to YouTube shortly!

One thought on “Hatsu Banzuke Audio Podcast

  1. Great job, with lots of intriguing insights. My anticipation level is now through the roof!
    The most interesting tidbit for me came right at the end – Endo didn’t want to practice against Hakuho after what happened in their last bout. I hadn’t heard that before. All I can think, it’s about time someone took a stand against Hakuho’s “rough stuff” and I respect Endo for being the one to do it.


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