Hatsu Banzuke Video Podcast

Here is the video version of the podcast, with Andy and Bruce running down their comments on the 2020 Hatsu banzuke. Next up will be the “Genki Report” to be published some time on Friday. Enjoy!

NOTESome ninny named Bruce fouled up the YouTube link. It’s fixed now.

5 thoughts on “Hatsu Banzuke Video Podcast

  1. Asanoyama’s -slowly- making a believer of me. I’m really skeptical of ex-university rikishi making ozeki or yokozuna, because they come into ozumo so old, and they seem to just “coast” once hitting maegashira.

    He looks a lot faster than he used to be, but I want to see more opponents blocking that left arm of his.

  2. Really? Endo refused to practice with Hakuhō? Didn’t that cause some stir? I haven’t heard anything about it.

  3. Concerning your remarks about Abi, compare how his legs look now to how they looked a year ago. His lower body strength has dramatically increased.


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