Akebono Among Guests At Azumazeki-Oyakata Funeral

Former Yokozuna Akebono and former Sekiwake Takamiyama said their good-byes to the late Ushiomaru (Azumazeki-oyakata). Both Hawai’ian greats have strong connections to Azumazeki-beya. Takamiyama fought under Takasago beya but upon retirement received the Azumazeki kabu, opening the stable which would be home to Akebono. Takamiyama reached retirement age in 2009, passing the baton to Ushiomaru.

Since being hospitalized from his own health issues, updates on Akebono’s condition have been rare but we are very happy to see him. Judging from the comments and tweets I’ve seen about this news the sentiment is shared throughout the sumo fan community.

It is wonderful to see Akebono, especially since there is rarely any news on his condition. On a personal note, a very little known fact: Akebono was one of our very first Twitter followers and I still remember freaking out, and the startled look on my wife’s face when I realized it was actually him. This fanboy got into this awesome sport to begin with by watching Akebono highlights on ESPN. (Long before gigabit streams in HD.) Hosted by Larry Biel, they would show half-hour digests of a whole tournament…and with that taste, I was hooked. We extend our best wishes and all hope to hear more good news on his recovery.

3 thoughts on “Akebono Among Guests At Azumazeki-Oyakata Funeral

  1. Sadden to hear that Azumazeki oyakata (who I watched as Ushiomaru, of course) had passed away on Dec. 13. What makes the date of Dec. 13 such a tough day for me & my family every year, it is also the date that my only sister died, so definitely my condolences to Azumazeki oyakata & his family & friends. And to pass away so young…it is really, truly heart-breaking. Apparently, he had been ill for some time.

    Ushiomaru has always struck me as a plucky warrior…someone who was under 6ft, but was game enough to take on any big foe. I like the guy very much as one of my favorites! Not sure how much influence he had as a member of the Japan Sumo Association, but seeing a younger oyakata in the mix is always GREAT to add some NEW blood!

    What a wonderful thing to see the amount of LOVE that has been pouring for Azumazeki oyakata, especially with former Yokozuna Akebono and former Sekiwake Takamiyama appearing to show respect! And thanks Andy for the update on Akebono…and yes, it is very rare to hear anything about where he’s at health-wise. I pray that he can keep right-on making significant progress.

  2. Wow! I think I would have fainted. I wonder if any of them read Tachiai? On a side note, I just have to share that somebody got the the coolest Christmas ornament ever, a rikishi wearing a Christmas mawashi!


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