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Our friends over at GSB have created a survey (link here and in the embedded Tweet below) to learn more about rikishi popularity. We all know Ikioi is the greatest but NOW is when you fill it in to a survey and see it actually reflected in data. As people may be aware with the Tableau dashboards around the website, Leonid’s prognostication and the encyclopedic knowledge of Bruce, Herouth, and Josh, we love data. Metrics are good. Sometimes it’s just because they make pretty pictures but often there are interesting things to learn. Mostly, I just like pretty graphs that move when I click and I expect the numbers will shift quite a bit next year when Terunofuji returns to Juryo…and hopefully Makuuchi soon after!

Seriously, though, who wouldn’t love a stats-based approach to running a heya? Even if it is just my armchair heya? I’m particularly interested in the heya popularity data.

The Empire Strikes Back is always the best Star Wars movie, and Terunofuji is Lord Vader. When he beat Kisenosato…or perhaps when he beat Kotoshogiku…and knelt to accept his kenshokin, was anyone else struck by how his oicho-mage evoked Vader’s kabuto-inspired mask? Or maybe it was the evil of the victory…I dunno. He’ll always be Vader to me and now he’s back! Dun, dun, dun…

Wow. Post-basho delirium is in full swing. (Send help.) Thank God for that amateur tournament in a few days.

19 thoughts on “Sumo Fan Survey!

  1. Most Disliked. Hakuho.. not because he dominate, because of the underhanded bull he pulls to gain wins which are decidedly in my eyes UN-Yokozuna like.

  2. I found coming up with a rikishi I disliked really hard.
    It’s a funny thing about Sumo – with other sports I have occasionally gotten into, there were always plenty of teams or players who I totally took against and hated for whatever irrational reason. But with Sumo there is virtually nobody I actively dislike and very often I find myself conflictedly rooting for both wrestlers in a fight. Of course this may well be connected to the fact that I don’t speak a word of Japanese so really my only source of sumo news and gossip is this wonderful website.

    • I always find it easy to dislike Daishomaru, Maybe he just has an unfortunate face, but he always looks unjustifiably smug and supercilious to me. Goeido has my grudging respect as a survivor and a legitimate tough guy, but I don’t like him: he is allowed to get away with all kinds of shenanigans before the start of matches and never seems to put both hands down.

    • I just pick one guy more or less at random each basho to root against. This time it was Kotoyuki, or “Sumo-Zoidberg” as I have taken to calling him. Next time it will be someone else.

      • In my case it can be some little thing that can set me off. This last tourney I turned on Shohozan. I’ve never disliked him before but his brand of pugilistic sumo really irritated me.

      • koptoyuki is exaxctly the rikishi I am rooting for just because he is looking like a living sumo wrestler stereotype… :-)

    • Yeah, I had fun filling out the first few questions — you weren’t the only one, @coreyyanofsky :-) — but I couldn’t figure out whom I truly dislike. I just don’t have the data on that yet.

    • For me it would be Chiyonokuni, but he decided against returning to sekitori status anyways. In I think his first makuuchi bout with Isihura he acted very disrespectful towards the little man. Kinda stuck with me. Terunofuji had his share of bad karma for this henka vs. Giku. I kinda have a hard time to still hold a grudge against him. dislike is a very strong word, but I’m sorta not a big fan of the kind of sumo of Abi, Takakeisho or Aoiyama. I’m not even rooting for Chiyonokuni to lose, but I certainly don’t mind them picking up some losses against rikishi more interesting to me.

  3. I read an account of Abi treating a cashier at a store very badly. Seemed to fit in with his general attitude. That and his ugly style make him the only one I actively dislike. Oh, and Tamawashi for breaking people.

  4. unfortunately the survey is now closed (wasn’t open for long that’s for sure)
    anoyone can say anything (ikioi lol, no one ever think about him if he wasn’t kintamayama’s favourite) my all star team is pretty short:

    takanohana (he was a young raising star when I started to watch sumo)
    takanonami (I just liked his buddha face. R.I.P.)
    asashoryu (the first mongol yokozuna he was a real fighting machine and all his bouts were some kind of joy to watch)
    harumafuji (it is impossible not to like him. impossible!)

    from the current sekitoris I have nearly no one I would cross my fingers for maybe asanoyama and poor wakatakakage.


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