New Juryo for Hatsu

While we have to wait until Christmas Eve for the rest of the banzuke (don’t worry, I’ll post a forecast before then), the promotions to Juryo have been announced. As anticipated, these are Ms1e Churanoumi (4-3), Ms1w Chiyootori (4-3), Ms2e Asagyokusei (5-2), Ms3e Sakigake (4-3), and none other than the 7-0 Ms10w Makushita yusho winner, former Ozeki Terunofuji!

Terunofuji returns to the salaried ranks after sitting out four tournaments and spending five more in the lower divisions. For Churanoumi, this is his third trip to Juryo; both of the previous ones ended with immediate demotions. Chiyootori, Chiyomaru’s “little” brother, has been ranked as high as Komusubi, but has been toiling in the unpaid ranks for two full years. Asagyokusei is coming up to the second division for the second time; his first visit was in September. Sakigake has also been in Juryo before, but not since January 2015. So none of these are youngsters making highly anticipated sekitori debuts.

The corresponding demotions from Juryo have not been announced, but they should be the injured J6w Ichiyamamoto (0-2-13), the J11 duo of Kaisho and Wakamotoharu, both 5-10, J12w Gagamaru (1-12-2) and J14e Akiseyama (5-10). J13w Hoshoryu (7-8) should survive by the thinnest of margins to fight again as a sekitori at Hatsu, where he will have no margin for error.

25 thoughts on “New Juryo for Hatsu

    • It must be such a thrill for him to get back to the salaried ranks, though who knows if he’ll be there for more than a single tournament. What’s the longest stretch anyone’s gone between sekitori stints?

    • Y1e Hakuho
      Y1w Kakuryu
      O1e Takakeisho
      O1w Goeido
      S1e Asanoyama
      S1w Takayasu
      K1e Abi
      K1w Daieisho
      M1e Myogiryu
      M1w Endo
      M2e Hokutofuji
      M2w Mitakeumi
      M3e Tamawashi
      M3w Kotoyuki
      M4e Shodai
      M4w Okinoumi
      M5e Enho
      M5w Meisei
      M6e Takarafuji
      M6w Shohozan
      M7e Onosho
      M7w Takanosho
      M8e Ishiura
      M8w Yutakayama
      M9e Chiyotairyu
      M9w Kagayaki
      M10e Tochinoshin
      M10w Aoiyama
      M11e Ryuden
      M11w Sadanoumi
      M12e Chiyomaru
      M12w Tsurugisho
      M13e Terutsuyoshi
      M13w Azumaryu
      M14e Kotoshogiku
      M14w Kotoeko
      M15e Shimanoumi
      M15w Ikioi
      M16e Tochiozan
      M16w Kaisei
      M17e Kiribayama
      M17w Tokushoryu
      J1e Tomokaze
      J1w Kotonowaka
      J2e Chiyoshoma
      J2w Hidenoumi
      J3e Daishomaru
      J3w Nishikigi
      J4e Kizakiumi
      J4w Wakatakakage
      J5e Mitoryu
      J5w Daishoho
      J6e Daiamami
      J6w Tobizaru
      J7e Ichinojo
      J7w Kotoshoho
      J8e Kyokutaisei
      J8w Yago
      J9e Kyokushuho
      J9w Akua
      J10e Sokokurai
      J10w Takagenji
      J11e Toyonoshima
      J11w Terunofuji
      J12e Asagyokusei
      J12w Churanoumi
      J13e Chiyootori
      J13w Irodori
      J14e Sakigake
      J14w Hoshoryu

      • Tochinoshin below Ishiura. Wow 2020 is gonna be nuts. I really hope Ichinojo doesn’t fall that far. J7? Ouch. And I hope Azumaryu, Ikioi and Kaisei get spots a couple more ranks up the banzuke.

    • Is there any word how how Terunofuji’s diabetes is doing? I hope that it’s well managed, and that continuing to train does not harm his long term health.

      In our household he’s known as “Big Scary Terry” courtesy of our youngest child who was very impressed with Teru’s Ozeki game-face.

    • I’m not sure his knees will be the only worry. It’s a bit weird to say that, but he kinda took the easy route back to Juryo. He has been fighting Ms7, Ms9, Ms11, Ms14 and his last 3 bouts 29, 45 and 51 … its not that he dominated those bouts …
      He loses most tachiai and still lacks very much any mobility. He was just too heavy for his opponents in Makushita this time, but this will change in Juryo. In his current form I would be possitively surprised, if he even made it to the top half of Juryo …

      • Yes. Not sharp or mobile at all. I watched a few of his alleged “useless pushes”, and it looked to me more like he was unable to assure victory with a confident and gentlemanly assist over the bales.

  1. Now just imagine if Terunofuji had happened to win that may 2017 basho. Imagine having two Kisenosatos at once to deal with. Glad it didn’t happen, though, and we don’t have to put up with someone like him.

    • Two yusho or the equivalent is only an unofficial standard — there are no actual set criteria for yokozuna promotion. Prior to his 13-2-P JY, 12-3 JY walking ghost phase in early 2017 Terunofuji’s record was 3-3-9, 8-7, 2-13, 8-7, 4-11, 8-7, 4-11; I would expect that this extended cycle of double-digit make-koshi followed by 8-7 kachi-koshi would give the YDC pause and they might very well have held off for one more basho (especially considering that there were already four active yokozuna at that point in time).

  2. Terunofuji….. Is he the one that pulled a Henka on Kotoshogiku when he was trying to regain his ozeki rank back?

    • Yes, that’s him. He’s also done dame-oshi to his opponents after almost every single bout he’s had in the lower divisions. His behavior is arrogant and shameful.

      • And they don’t warn him at this point? Honestly I hope he finds himself stuck for awhile in 2nd division.

      • He was somewhat the villain for a while there, but I feel like he’s done his penance. I gotta give him credit for fighting his way back. I thought he was done for

        • Apparently he’s been late hitting opponents in lower division in every bout. I would say he’s learned nothing.

              • Not true, Ichinojo is a gentle giant. Kakaryu is a great Yokozuna who acts like one. So no.. they are not. Just some of them.. and that can be said about all people.

      • I can’t. Every time I see Koto struggling Vs someone in the lower ranks, I think of this. Every time someone Henka’s Koto, which just not long ago.. He was up for a special prize doing amazing, his prize was conditional though, he had to win his final day match. Well, I forget who he was against but he Henkaed Koto.. and you could see the pain in Koto’s eyes as he relived the loss of his rank.

        • You might be thinking Abi, July 2019. Abi was 7-7 and “dug cheap” (not deep) for that 8th win.

          Giku does seem to get caught by the henka more than his fair share of the time. He’ll be 36 next January.


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