ICYMI: The Month in Sumo

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It has been an incredible month, sumo fans! Thank you for joining us on the journey through Wacky Aki and beyond. In case you missed some key posts from this month on the site, here are some highlights:

  • Mitakeumi won the Emperor’s Cup in the Aki basho following the first top division playoff in two years. It is the second yusho of his career.
  • In very sad news, Izutsu-oyakata (former Sekiwake Sakahoko) passed away. Izutsu oyakata followed in his father’s footsteps in running the stable, and raised the 71st Yokozuna Kakuryu.
  • Following protracted discussions – including the question of whether Kakuryu and friends would move to Izutsu’s brother Shikoroyama’s stable – eventually it was decided that they would move to Michinoku beya, headed by ex-Ozeki Kirishima (a former deshi of the previous Izutsu).
  • The 72nd Yokozuna Kisenosato had his danpatsushiki/intai-zumo ceremony at Kokugikan. Former top division rikishi Satoyama also held a similar ceremony a day earlier.
  • Beloved fan favourite Yoshikaze retired following a struggle to recover from injury sustained earlier this year. He takes up the Nakamura kabu.
  • Rising star Takakeisho booked his return to Ozeki status with ten wins in the tournament from the rank of Sekiwake, and Tochinoshin will be demoted to sekiwake in the next tournament, facing the same challenge.
  • Takakeisho was subsequently hurt again, this time with a pectoral injury, and faces a long spell on the sidelines.
  • The much vaunted Hoshoryu (nephew of the 68th Yokozuna Asashoryu) and Kotoshoho (formerly Kototebakari) will be Shin-Juryo for the Kyushu basho.
  • Chiganoura’s ex-Takanohana beya rikishi Takanofuji found himself embroiled in another scandal, again for abusing a tsukebito. Eventually, his twin brother Takagenji was found to be involved as well. He currently is protesting the NSK’s intai recommendation.

In terms of exclusive site features you may have missed:

And of course, we featured daily coverage of the top division, and highlights from the lower divisions in sumo. Be sure to dig back in – and look forward to many exciting updates that we have coming over the following days and weeks!

5 thoughts on “ICYMI: The Month in Sumo

  1. Great sumo coverage as usual, really appreciate all your work here in bringing updates to an English language audience.

  2. I dunno why, but Kototebakari had always been one of my favorite shikona. Despite its mouthful status, I found it easy to remember. And seeing at it was partially made up of his actual name, I can see the reason for the change with the Juryo promotion. But I will miss it. I guess now Sakura down in Jonidan holds my favorite shikona now, simply because it doesn’t seem to be a name for a sumo wrestler at all.


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