Aki Story 5: Takanofuji Abuse Scandal

Thanks to Josh for the quick tip, it appears another tsukebito abuse scandal involving Takanofuji is coming to light. The Juryo 5W twin brother of Takagenji had just started coming back from his previous abuse scandal.

Press reports are already saying he will face sanction, starting with kyujo at Aki. Since this would be a second offense in little over a year, one would expect further punishment to be announced.

Takanofuji had just peaked at his highest position after following up the makushita yusho with an impressive 11 wins in Nagoya. More details as they come…

9 thoughts on “Aki Story 5: Takanofuji Abuse Scandal

  1. What level of asshole must you be to do this twice? Especially after you somehow miraculously got let off the first time. I have to wonder if there isn’t more to this story.

    • I’m eager to hear more details…and hopefully a conclusion to the saga. He can’t beat a tsukebito if he doesn’t have one at his job stocking shelves at 7-11.

    • How would you not have learned from your last infraction…how? If I don’t see him retired from Sumo I’m going to be extremely upset. This kind of behavior isn’t something that can be corrected. He’s clearly an angry human being and can’t control his rage. Get him out of the sport and make an example of him for the other rikishi so it will hopefully be drilled into their heads about what you absolutely do not do.

  2. Oh my…….

    If the story turn out to be true again and more or less aggravating, even if he found a way to still get away with it…again, i wonder if it would be a good idea for the NSK to keep that guy. I mean……at some point, wether he like it or not, people might start to “stick” to him some sort of bad reputation. Would people be interested into seeing a Sekitori climb the ring at the peek hour of the day and on tv to fight ? I think it would just feed uneasiness for the event.

  3. Just a thought as to how it might have happened.

    “Hey you didn’t fold my mawashi right, boy”,
    “Yeah, what you gonna do, lay one finger on me and you’re outta here”
    “What’d you just say, mf?”
    “You heard me just fine golden boy. You’re not even from our stable anyway. Go cry to Takanohana. Oh wait, you can’t do that anymore, can you?”

    Big, strong, dumb, young men do stupid stuff. I know… I was one.

  4. There are a few things I want to say about this: Firstly, after seeing some of the anger in the comments I urge everyone to wait until details are released. We do not have many sources of information, if it suddenly came out that the details around the Takanofuji situation are messy we don’t really have a good perspective to say what happened. Secondly, I must wonder how this will affect the performance of Takagenji, who is already in a grim situation. Juryo is very packed as well, so the absence of him is fortunate for the Makuuchi hopefuls in Juryo who now will face an easier schedule, though of course the whole situation is just unfortunate all-around.


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