Promotions to Juryo for Kyushu

Via the Sumo Kyokai on Twitter and the Sumo Forum, we have an update on the one part of the banzuke that is released early. These are the promotions from Makushita to Juryo, so that the lucky rikishi have time to adjust to their sekitori status.

As shown above, there are two brand-new sekitori: Ms4w Kototebakari and Ms5e Hoshoryu, who both finished Aki with 4-3 records. Kototebakari is marking his ascension to the salaried ranks with a new shikona, Kotoshoho.

Three men are returning to Juryo. Two left no doubt about their re-promotion: Ms1e Wakamotoharu and Ms2e Akua, who both went 6-1. The third squeaked by with pretty much the worst rank and record combination that can normally lead to promotion, and only when many slots are open in Juryo: Ms5w Akiseyama, 4-3.

As I noted in my Aki wrap-up post, there were five definite open slots in the second division through a combination of retirement, scandal, injury, and poor performance. These are filled by the men listed above. That means that the “invisible line” between Ms5 and Ms6 held, with Akiseyama getting the nod over an arguably stronger candidate, Ms6e Churanoumi, 5-2. It also means that J13e Irodori, who was on the bubble, survives despite a 6-9 record, something that last happened in 2011, with a dozen instances of demotion in between.

9 thoughts on “Promotions to Juryo for Kyushu

  1. I posted on the wrap up already. While I don’t particularly favor any of the rikishi, I’m a bit dissapointed in the promotion of Akiseyama, given that he had a pretty much identical schedule to churanoumi this time (Something that normally isn’t the case), but the absence of unlucky Ryuko and the mid tournament leave of Nishikifuji and Arawashi changed things a bit. Akiseyama had Hoshoryu and Nishikifuji instead of Midorifuji and Oki. Speaking of quality of wins, one of his 4 was against Nishikifuji, which given Nishikifuji’s state of health almost qualifies as a fusen.

    • I don’t think they go into that deep a resolution. I think they refer only to the top 10 as “Makushita joi”, and will basically take anybody who is kachi-koshi out of the top 10 unless they all happen to be make-koshi. They only start doing tie-breakers and the like if they have more candidates within the top 10 than demotees from Juryo.

      • I completely understand this and I think it’s usually justified, as the “Makushita Joi” tend to fight among themselves with occasional trips to Juryo, while everyone from Ms6 onwards is mostly matched outside the “Makushita Joi”. The top 10 therefore have usually a much stronger schedule, but this time with the absent rikishi I think that line stretched down to Ms6 or even lower. Actually with the absence of Ryuko since day 1 Churanoumi has actually been in the top 10 active makushita rikishi.
        Maybe I feel a bit disappointed as this is a very impactful decision for the rikishi involved, so I think a bit more of an indepth look wouldn’t hurt here.

  2. Thanks for this report. It’s always good to know that, whatever else happens in this crazy world, Team Tachiai cannot be impeached (in both meanings of that word)!

  3. Hey guys, I’m in Japan right now and a scandal has broken out over here with Juryo 5 Takanafuji. Apparently he’s been forced into intai. See if you can get some news on that, it was all over tv today.


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