Sumo News Round Up – July 28th

First up, the Aki banzuke will be released 4 weeks from today. Lksumo has already presented an idea of where the banzuke will end up, and we expect a high-resolution prognostication in a few weeks. While it might seem like an eternity to sumo fans, there are some actions in the world of sumo worth noting.

Fans may recall Ikioi, a popular, long time veteran of the top division (41 basho!) who suffered injuries and maladies aplenty in Osaka. His 2-13 record was enough to punt him to Juryo 1w, but he has not really recovered. His 5-10 performance in Nagoya from Juryo 8w have many worried that at 32 years old, he is too banged up to compete, and may soon find himself demoted back into the mosh pit that is Makushita, a rank he has not seen since 2011. Naturally, thoughts turn to intai.

Now word that the person (the former Shotenro) who has been using Ikioi’s kabu (elder position) has vacated that position and taken up another. This is a fairly good signal that Ikioi is starting to prepare for a post competition career, should Aki continue his poor performance.

The summer Jungyo is starting today, with any luck Herouth will bring us video clips and reports scavenged from the web and from twitter. There are a host of rikishi who are not on jungyo: Takayasu, Goeido, Tochinoshin, Takakeisho, Yoshikaze, Kaisei and Takagenji. With many of these rikishi being part of the “over 30” club, fans are right to be concerned about the long term health of sumo’s stars. Goeido and Tochinoshin will both be kadoban in September, Takakeisho will be fighting for 10 from Ozekiwake, Yoshikaze may still be in dry dock, but should be dropped to Juryo.

For some more sunny news, Yokozuna Hakuho was active on the first day of the jungyo, so whatever problems he still has with his elbows are not keeping him from the dohyo.

5 thoughts on “Sumo News Round Up – July 28th

  1. Thank God. The withdrawal was getting painful. Herouth, if you read this, you are very much appreciated!!

  2. Ikioi has paid a heavy price for his near-miraculous 9-win performance in January. I’m really hoping that we haven’t seen the last of him on the makuuchi dohyo, but attempting to battle through serious injuries tends to create an avalanche of miseries.

    • Ikioi is proud of his record of never pulling out of a basho due to injury. My assumption is he would rather go intai than lose it.

      • Thank you for mentioning. I knew he was known to hang it. But did not realize he has never missed, until checking now. Great stuff. I hope is a great coach. (to go with his excellent singing).


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