New Juryo for Aki

Although the full Aki banzuke won’t be released for a few days, those rikishi gaining sekitori status were announced today, so that they have ample time to prepare for their new duties. As expected, Seiro and Irodori are returning to the salaried ranks, and Tamaki (who is getting a new shikona, Asagyokusei) is making a first appearance. More surprisingly, the fourth promotion is Ms4w Kaisho (4-3), who will be making his Juryo debut. Expert opinion had Ms5w Wakamotoharu (5-2) ahead of him in the promotion queue. Although the corresponding demotions are not announced, we can infer that in addition to Ryuko and Akiseyama, Arawashi will also be dropping out of the sekitori ranks.

17 thoughts on “New Juryo for Aki

  1. Sorry that Arawashi’s gone – in the first basho I watched (Aki 2017), when I didn’t know anyone, I remember liking his face. I was surprised to read people saying he looked just like Chiyoshoma – his facial expressions reminded me of Haramafuji’s, serious and thoughtful and a little sad.

    • I also don’t understand that confusion. Maybe from certain angles they look alike. I hope to see him back soon.

    • I always liked Arawashi (and completely don’t understand the confusion). He was one of the smaller rikishi, but always good for a throwing technique. That is probably the similarity to chiyoshoma. In a sumo world dominated by yorikiri and oshidashi, I really like those rikishi with a knack for throwing techniques.
      Sadly his deterioriating health has robbed him of his strength. I think it was early 2017 when he claimed kinboshi from all three mongolian Yokozuna in just 2 or 3 tournaments. Doesn’t feel like that long ago.

  2. I hope this (Kaisho/Wakamotoharu) is a foreshadowing indicating that ‘expert opinion’ might be wrong about the Hokutofuji/Endo-situation as well! 😅

    • Well, given that this one was likely driven by direct “exchange bouts,” the head-to-head is likely to be given more, not less, weight 😉

      • Yeah, I understand. But I’m still hoping against hope. I want Hokutofuji back in sanyaku! 😅

  3. Sumo elders give disproportionate weightage to result of last fight. Kaisho Won his last while waka lost his. I have see similar trends in special prizes too.

    • The sansho committee is primarily journalists (or what passes for journalists these days – media people). The shimpan who make the banzuke make up a minority of the sansho committee. Certainly those on the sansho committee from the media are likely older with much experience reporting on sumo, but they are not oyakata.

  4. The whole “last fight in Juryo matters” idea also puts some sense into the Daiseido/Tomokaze decision last year.

    As to the “experts” being wrong, remember that we can only make predictions based on their old methodologies. Basically every pronouncement someone outside of the Kyokai makes regarding future banzuke should be understood with “if they don’t change from what they have done in the past”. They never before seemed to have put as much weight on the last match against someone in Juryo as they have in these last two very strange promotion decisions. If they had before, it wasn’t as obvious as it is now, and we’ll know better for next time.

    • We tend to forget that while all decisions have been/are made by the “banzuke committee”, that has not always been the same people. The current members (or perhaps just one influential one) may have a slightly different view of how things should be done and are basing their decisions on those principles. The sumo world is often bound by tradition, but there are subtle ways to reform and this seems like one of those ways in which an elder can bring about small change. After all, if banzuke making didn’t allow for subjectivity, they’d just use an algorithm and be done with it.


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