Takakeisho kyujo for Nagoya

Chiganoura oyakata has decided today to block Ozeki Takakeisho from entering the Nagoya basho, in which he will be in kadoban status.

This means that in Aki, Takakeisho will drop to what we call “Ozekiwake” status, and will have to win 10 bouts to regain his Ozeki rank. Takakeisho now ties for the shortest new Ozeki term in modern times with Musoyama. That precedent is a source of optimism, though: Musoyama succeeded in winning those 10 white stars, and had a long Ozeki career following that.

This decision follows a conflict of opinions between Takakeisho and Chiganoura, which Chiganoura elaborates on in this video:

Takakeisho was very optimistic once he renewed his keiko. He said every day, in every way, he was getting better and better. However, he only started having man-on-man training a couple of days ago, and while those bouts and butsukari were successful, they were against wrestlers from lower divisions. Takakeisho pleaded that he wouldn’t have come to Nagoya if he didn’t intend to participate, and that he might as well have stayed in Tokyo for care and rehab, but Chiganoura was a lot less sanguine about his progress. He was not practicing with sekitori, though his heya has no lack in available men. Chiganoura felt that going into battle unprepared might end up like it ended last time. Eventually, he asserted his authority, and the Ozeki will have to wait for Aki.

21 thoughts on “Takakeisho kyujo for Nagoya

    • Totally agree! That’s good news, I’m relieved about this decision and I desperately hope Chiganoura oyakata really has the last word – not that Takakeishos father will try to force anything, or Takakeisho has a guilty conscience for not pleasing his fathers expectations.
      Nevertheless, I will miss Takakeisho this basho – I deeply adore that little man,,,
      So, now he has enough time and it should be no problem for him to get his 10 wins in Aki.

  1. What does Chiganoura Oyakata say? Is there any hint of surgery or is he confident that some weeks of Kyujo are enough for the healing process?

    • It sounds like he’s saying that he’s healed up pretty well, but that his training and preparation isn’t up to snuff since he wasn’t training against sekitori at all despite the heja having a glut of them. But I could be misinterpreting him.

  2. For Takakeisyo’s future, I think this is the best decision. I bet this was the best decision though I will miss seeing his sumo. Be patient, Takakeisyo..

  3. I think the oyakata hid Takakeisho’s mawashi. “If you want to wrestle that’s fine, but you’ll be fighting ‘tackle out'”.

    • Takakeisho: “No problems. Let’s see any of those clever yotsu wrestlers try to force me into a mawashi battle like this.”

      Gyoji association: “Don’t”.

  4. a hard but wise decision – respect
    and thanks Herouth for that visual re mawashi battle hahahahaha

  5. Finally, some common sense from this oyakata! Takakeisho should hopefully be pretty healed and be ready to get his 10 wins (or more) comes next basho!

  6. Glad to hear it. It’s a good thing Chiganoura oyakata’s common sense can prevail over Takakeisho’s youthful ambition and impatience. I want to see him in sumo for years to come.


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