Nagoya Preview Podcast

Video version of the podcast is now live on YouTube, if you want to see a couple of sumo fans going on about the July tournament, just sit back and enjoy. We have all of the hits including a sumo news round up, our reaction to the banzuke, the Genki Report, the Ones to Watch, and our predictions. To go on record:

  • Andy – Takayasu 1st Yusho
  • Bruce – Hakuho Yusho, possibly perfect 15 wins.

10 thoughts on “Nagoya Preview Podcast

  1. Of course the first overlay title reads “Natsu Banzuke Podcast” – awesome video editing is part of what we do here at Tachiai….

  2. Always great to hear your voices. Some reactions. “Takayasu yusho”: 😂😂😂Seriously though, the last time he was sick before the basho, in January, he lost 3 of the first 5, and I fear we’re in for more of the same. Hakuho, on the other hand, genuinely seems better, and so that prediction I can believe. I’m guessing Takakeisho won’t enter, if his oyakata and others can talk any sense into him, as he’s barely practiced and that knee hasn’t had time to heal.

    • I really hope you’re right about Takakeisho. I just wonder if the desire to gambarize with rank on the line and pick up 8 will override the sense to rest and go for 10 in September.

      • I hope he listens to the elders. Multiple commentators, including Mainoumi, have been pleading for him to sit out. I think he has zero chance to win 8 in his current condition; he hasn’t even faced anyone above Makushita in training.

        • After a year of trying the same reasoning with Terunofuji, I can only hope someone takes the advice.

  3. Hakuho’s looking like a very safe bet.

    Kakuryu has back problems and kyujo wouldn’t surprise me. Takayasu is a question mark, and even if he was fit, his sumo has been in an awkward transition phase lately. Tochi’s jetlagged and possibly injured. Takakeisho’s injured with an oyakata keen to reassert control after that ill-advised re-entry in May. And Goeido… is Goeido.

    It’s looking like Osaka pt. 2. Someone further down the banzuke may provide the biggest challenge.

    • Yeah, don’t sleep on Kaisei, if he is healthy. He is probably not seeing anyone above M7 or so, even if he runs redhot. with all those pixie around him, unless he decides to nosedive at the tachiai, he will provide a real challenge.


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