Nagoya 2019 Podcast (Audio)

For your listening pleasure, Andy and Bruce discuss the upcoming Nagoya basho with our round up of sumo news, reaction to the banzuke, our Genki Report and the always regrettable predictions.

The video version will be on YouTube later today.

Tachiai – 2019 Nagoya Podcast

3 thoughts on “Nagoya 2019 Podcast (Audio)

  1. ‘… always regrettable predictions”
    heh heh

    ‘predictions’ will henceforth be evermore linked with ‘regrettable’

  2. There hasn’t been much sumo content available leading up to this basho. I usually don’t listen to podcasts (other than Aisha Tylers. The Travis Rosen episode was awesome and Joe Mantegna too). One point of constructive criticism: go back and listen to this again and count how many times you say uh or um. It’s a lot. Something to improve for the future for listenability. No one has mentioned yet if the US President’s Cup will be awarded again?


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