Nagoya ’19: Visual Banzuke

The banzuke is out. Leonid has broken down his prediction. In the coming days we’ll be dissecting the new ranking list, tracking notable wrestlers, pointing out winners and losers. I have updated the interactive banzuke for Makuuchi and Juryo in Nagoya. I can never keep straight which wrestlers are in which heya (unless their names start with Koto) so if you click on the name of an ichimon or a heya, the banzuke will filter to just those wrestlers. I hope you all enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Nagoya ’19: Visual Banzuke

  1. Something is wrong with the ichimon and heya. It says Isegahama and Dewanoumi belong to Tatsunami ichimon (which doesn’t exist), and Dewanoumi is in the Dewanoumi ichimon anyway.

        • I made some quick updates based on cringe Wikipedia. Will properly source it when I get home tonight.

          • Wikipedia is not that bad, at least the list of heyas page is properly up to date. BTW, so is the sumodb kabu page – there is no Takanohana beya there. Very strange.

            • Wikipedia is great…just not as a source. The kabu page has Tatsunami Ichimon rather than Isegahama. I clearly need to automate the updates I pull.

            • The ichimon designations on the Sumo DB have been stuck in somewhat of a development hell ever since the data was collected for the database back in 2008. From what I remember the data structure simply isn’t set up to accommodate ichimon names changing over time, which is why that particular ichimon is listed as “Tatsunami” throughout, as it was named as of 2008, even though it was actually Tatsunami-Isegahama (rengo, not ichimon, to be exact) for the longest period of time, and is of course simply Isegahama now.

              By contrast, Takanohana-ichimon simply came and went, so that one didn’t pose a problem.

              Unfortunately, due to time constraints I don’t believe that issue is a high priority for the maintainer of the DB and the maintainer of the kabu/heya data (not the same person), which is otherwise being kept up-to-date.

  2. There’s one rikishi whose Romanized shikona starts with Koto- that is not from the heya you think. The first ‘o’ is long, and those two syllables are not part of the same kanji. I’ll leave it as an exercise for you to find who he is. Hint: he came kinda close to making Juryo recently, but did poorly ranked that high and has fallen back.


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