July Banzuke Posted!

Fresh to the NSK web site, the ranking sheet for the Nayoya basho.


2 Yokozuna, 4 Ozeki, Mitakeumi and Tamawahsi back slugging it out at Sekiwake. Abi and Ryuden at Komosubi, ready to be beaten to pulp.

Biggest surprise so far? Gagamaru at Juryo 2 West…. in striking distance of a return to the top division? Also a nod to Terutsuyoshi for holding down the final slot in the banzuke. Go team pixie!

Wakaichiro returns to Sandanme at Sd 85e

Then there is the Makushita joi-jin… somebody keep that big wheelchair handy, please. Looks like it cut off Naya and Chiyonokuni at Ms 6. Wow!

One thought on “July Banzuke Posted!

  1. I think the banzuke committee consumed more sake than usual this time. Quite a few of the placements are serious head-scratchers, and not only go against precedent and common sense but are also internally inconsistent within this single banzuke. Given that, my predictions were fairly accurate. I’ll have a postmortem post up later today.


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