Onosho Hits the Gym with Special Guest

While Yokozuna and other senior level duties carry on, many wrestlers are getting a much needed break from jungyo tours to focus on recuperation of injuries and training for the upcoming July tournament. I had a bit of a double take when I saw this Instagram post about Onosho hitting the gym in Chiba. His training partner is none other than former Makuuchi and recent retiree, 元-Amuru.

10 thoughts on “Onosho Hits the Gym with Special Guest

    • Yeah, that’s what it says. Amuro’s instagram byline is Gold’s Gym, so he may actually work there (or at least, apprentices there?)

      • It’s just a location tag for the post. (Not that that necessarily rules out an affiliation, of course.)

  1. Checked the map. Gold’s Gym, Tsudanuma us fairly close to Onomatsu Heya. Very cool.

  2. Thank you Herouth for the translation/confirmation.

    Wikipedia puts Amuro at 192 cm and 132 kg, though less than 100 kg early in his career. Not the typical body at all.

    Amuro was also with Onomatsu Heya, so both a short geographic distance and the mutual heya connection. Onosho started in early 2013, and Amuro retired in mid 2018. 5+ years together.

    Must be a treat for Gold’s patrons. Working out with Amuro and in walks Onosho…. (If he ventures to the gym during regular hours.)

  3. I hope that Onosho doesn’t have an endorsement deal with either Under Armour or Adidas, because his outfit would make either of them upset with his mixed loyalties.

  4. Not really an extremely relevant comment but I’m fairly certain I saw him out and about at Roppongi Midtown mall earlier this year and you’d never know he was a former sumo wrestler just from looking at him.


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