Hakuho Resumes Full Contact Practice

Herouth breaks the great news that the GOAT is back to butting heads again! He faced off against Enho for 20 bouts. While encouraging, we’re still one month away from the start of the Nagoya tournament.

Not to douse cold water on my own happiness, but I’m still hoping he takes The Eagle’s advice, “Take it Easy.” As we had seen with Kisenosato, rosy training stories with his stablemate morphed into a sad pattern of basho disappointment, kyujo, and intai rumors until they eventually stopped…with retirement.

9 thoughts on “Hakuho Resumes Full Contact Practice

      • Haha. Should have thought of it… Now it’s obvious. I felt missed a special note somewhere in your blog about this. Like the “ozekiwake”.

        • Yes, that confused me the first time I heard it. The goat is an ornery, unpleasant smelling creature. To call someone ‘goat’ …

          • The G.S.O.G. (Global Society of Goats) may take offense to your remark …. or they may celebrate it. Not sure .. ;)

    • I personally don’t follow/have Twitter so this place “is” the news for me. Any problem with that? BTW news channels and papers do the same if you haven’t realized yet..

  1. I’m new to sumo, just recently caught up with the 2019 and 2018 bashos and seen older matches in YouTube. From the little I’ve learned I can almost guarantee that Hakuho will not go the way if Kisaosato, even in poor form he seems to get 13 wins per tournament or something like that and he seems to be smart enough to know if he wont be able to perform he’ll retire early from the tournament, something Kisano should have done to save some face


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