New Juryo for Nagoya

Kotonowaka (formerly known as Kotokamatani)

The promotions from Makushita have been announced, and as predicted, it’s Ms2e Kotokamatani (who is changing his shikona to Kotonowaka upon reaching sekitori status), Ms2w Takanofuji, Ms3e Ichiyamamoto, Ms3w Kizakiumi, and Ms4e Ryuko. With the exception of Takanofuji, these are all Juryo debuts.

Although the corresponding demotions are not announced, we can tell from the records that going from heaven to hell are Chiyonokuni, Hakuyozan, Churanoumi, Irodori, and Seiro. The first two missed the Natsu basho with injuries, while for the latter three, the demotions are an immediate reversal of their promotions after the previous tournament. We’ll see if the latest batch of Juryo newcomers can fare better and stick in the second division.

19 thoughts on “New Juryo for Nagoya

  1. congratulations one and all! esp. Ichiyamamoto (Hokkaido – yep us Hokkaido-jin’s are on the rise) and Kizakiumi (latest powerhouse on the block)

  2. Whenever Chiyonokuni does mount the dohyo again, his opponents better watch out! But don’t want to see him or Ura on the clay again until their doctors approve. Of course, easy for me to say—I don’t lose my salary for obeying doctors’ orders 😕

  3. Wahoo for Akiseyama somehow pulling out the wins to hang on.

    A shame Churanoumi won’t be there for his brother’s juryo debut. (That’s what juryo needs, right? Another pair of borthers).

    • Yohcun – who’s Churanoumi’s brother – Kizakiumi? (real brother or heya brother)?

      • There is this fun site with all rikishi photos through the years by heya, called Sumo A-Z. If you click on “Special Categories” there, there is a “Brothers (All-time)” category where you can find all real brothers. There is also a separate twins category.

  4. Glad to see the new shikona. Six syllables was definitely one too many. Wakatakakage, I hope you’re taking notes.

  5. About Kotonowaka: He is the son of the heya master, Sadogatake oyakata, who held the shikona “Kotonowaka” and has now given it to him. The oyakata is the son of deceased yokozuna Kotozakura Masakatsu. So they have established a respectable dynasty there.

    The change in shikona also involves change in the “given” part. I’m not sure how the new name is pronounced as yet, but it includes a character from the grandfather’s “Masakatsu”.


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