Wakaichiro In The New York Times

The Musashigawa Stable Training, Courtesy of the Musashigawa Heya’s Twitter Feed

Thanks to friend of Tachiai, El Zeno, who tipped me off to this short article in the New York Times Magazine. They refer to him as “Kendrick Young”, which is fun to read because that is likely the name he used for most of his adult life, Tachiai readers know him as Musashigawa’s Wakaichiro. It is a great glimpse into his world, even if it’s just for a moment, and some of the physical routines that are outside of what an athlete in the US might go through as part of their daily workout.

It has always impressed me that the sumotori can maintain such limber bodies, even while stacking on the mass. Underneath all of that body lies remarkable athletic ability.

3 thoughts on “Wakaichiro In The New York Times

  1. the article would have been better if accompanied by a pic of Wakaichiro doing just what he’s describing!!! The New York Times Magazine missed a big opportunity there ;-)


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