Lower divisions – Days 11 and 12

Hoshoryu avoided a make-koshi on his birthday

Today I’m trying to catch up on two days of lower division action. Let’s start with day 11, May 22.

Day 11


Remember Ito? The guy who was crushed by Toma? Coming into day 11 with 5-0, he is facing Watanabe:

Ito comes out of day 11 with 6-0. He seems to be a very serious contender – and is rewarded for this by being having a match in Jonidan on day 13, with one of the Jonidan 6-0 wrestlers, Okinohama.


Here is Wakaichiro’s bout vs. Nakai:

Wakaichiro secures his kachi-koshi in this bout, with pretty determined rabbit leaps forward.

Our next Jonidan bout features the old bow-master, Satonofuji, vs. Motokiyama. Satonofuji wants to avoid make-koshi:

And manages to do just that – first planting his head into Motokiyama’s chest, then chasing him out.


We start with the match between Roga and Aratora. Avoid blinking.

Roga gets his kachi-koshi in this bout. He will want to win his next bout as well for a 5-2, to secure a place in Makushita in Nagoya.

Next up we have Amakaze and Shiraishi. Shiraishi is the university man who got a tsukedashi, and seems to have deserved the privilege. Both come into this day lossless.

Although Amakaze seems to have the initiative in that last move, he finds himself flat on the clay at the end of it. Shiraishi (“White Stone”) is now 6-0, and will face the 6-0 Hokutotsubasa on day 13 aiming to stay in the yusho race.

Our next bout is Kaishu vs. Sekizkua. If you like fancy kimarite, watch this one:

Thank you, SumoSoul, for capturing this one. Lovely, very satisfying, Izori.

Finally, the match between Terunofuji and Asadaimon. What will the former Ozeki do?

Yep, give him the kaiju treatment. Good for you, former kaiju. Terunofuji will be looking for his 6th win in the his Day 13 bout with Daishozen, as that will likely propel him up to Makushita in Nagoya.


Let’s start with Tomisakae, who faces Oki, has three wins so far, and wants his fourth:

Yes, Tomisakae is kachi-koshi, which may throw him back into purgatory again. Maybe that’s the reason for that look he had on his face as he won.

Ichiyamamoto faces Kotokamatani. Both 3-2 at this point:

Nice slapfest. Kotokamatani never had a chance to develop anything there. Following this bout he is 3-3. Now he’ll need to salvage a kachi-koshi off his day 12 Juryo bout, a rather difficult task.

The other Koto, namely Kototebakari, had a match with Kitaharima:

That was a nice match, twists and turns. Kototebakari secures his kachi-koshi.

Ryuko vs. Daiseido. Both 4-1 as they mount the dohyo:

Daiseido steps out before Ryuko completes his move. You can see the front shimpan raising his hand to mark this. It’s not a signal for a monoii – it’s simply a signal to the gyoji that the bout is over.

Hoshoryu is 2-3, and does not want to get his first make-koshi. Especially not on his birthday. Yes, May 22 is his birthday. What’s more, it’s his 20th. In Japan, 20 is the age of majority. So he was also treated later that evening to a dinner accompanied by alcohol. He is faced with Fujiazuma, who had a very impressive Juryo win earlier. Can he prevail?

Why, yes he can. And survive a rain of tsuppari. He is now 3-3. His next – and conclusive – bout will probably be on Day 14.

The next two bouts are yusho race matches. We start with Michael/Maikeru vs. Chiyoarashi:

Ow. Densha-michi (railroaded). Maikeru will not be dance-kicking his way to the yusho.

Next up – Takanofuji vs. Prince Naya.

Alas, the prince is dethroned and the former Takayoshitoshi is the one who keeps the straight winning score to move forward in the yusho race (and back to Juryo). Day 13 will feature the Chiyoarashi-Takanofuji bout, deciding the yusho.

Day 12


Let’s start with Kitanowaka, the fresh one, who is facing Ryuga:

I would have sworn that was a matta. But the shimpan are not saying anything, and Kitanowaka is 5-1.

Next, our huge Toma faces Andozakura. The “zakura” guys are from Shikihide beya.

Mighty kachiage there. Did he get that from Hakuho?


I found no interesting Jonidan bouts from day 12, and only one Sandanme bout. This one is between Yoshoyama and Tamakongo. Yoshoyama you already know – the Mongolian who doesn’t quite fit into Tokitenku’s big sandals at Tokitsukaze beya. Tamakongo, on the other hand, is mostly known for being the only other rikishi besides Tamawashi in Kataonami stable. That stable has three oyakata and only two rikishi.

I guess all that surplus coaching does wonders, and Tamakongo is the one who walks away with the white star. Yoshoyama is already kachi-koshi, so has already ensured himself of a place in Makushita next basho. Still, I’m sure he will want the extra win.


Let’s start with the representative of the USA, Musashikuni. He is matched with Keitenkai. Both 2-3, so the loser is make-koshi:

Alas, the loser is Musashikuni, and he will need the extra win because with this make-koshi at his rank there is a chance of dropping to Sandanme, and with a deeper one, that probability is much higher.

Moving on to a smol vs. big bout – our vice-pixie, Midorifuji, faces Chiyootori, Chiyomaru’s not-so-little brother. Both are 3-2 before this bout.

Nice attempts at all sorts of techniques from the little Isegahama man, but the expression “snowball’s chance in hell” comes to mind.

Speaking of big and little brothers, the eldest Onami brother, Wakatakamoto, was up against Jokoryu today. Both already make-koshi by this stage:

“Eldest Son”, as he is always referred to in fan tweets, is getting further and further from his dreams of catching up with his little brother (Wakatakakage). On day 13 he will meet Shonannoumi, who is also 5-1 after getting his first white star on day 11.

We finish with Akua/Aqua, up against Bushozan. Both are already kachi-koshi.

Akua falls with a thud. 4-2 – and I hope he didn’t rattle his brain there.

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  1. Awesome post! Btw, if we want to follow the lower divisions, do you know what time roughly each division starts their bouts? Thanks :)

  2. Hello Herouth 1) Why are comments on “Decisions, decisions…” disabled ;) ? 2) And what do you think about Abi vs Meisei Judges decision today.

  3. Thanks for correcting. Was it fair? this is a question for Herouth, because he thinks yesterdays decision about Tochi vs Asanoyama was fair :D just curious what he thinks about exactly the same situation today ^_^ But unfortunately he has disabled comments :(

    • “She”. I haven’t watched all the bouts yet. And I did not disable the comments.

  4. Sorry again :D Hope, when you watch I will get an answer here ^_^ “Comments are closed.” – someone did disable it. Interesting is why and when did this happen

    • Watched it now. It seems the point of contention was whether it was Meisei’s or Abi’s attack. So I guess they considered both dead. Not sure, as Onomatsu’s explanations are… let’s say… it’s nice that he remembered both wrestlers’ names this time.


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