2019 Natsu Basho Preview

With the Natsu Banzuke published, it’s officially Basho season again! With less than a week until the return of sumo action, here are some of the biggest stories and most pressing questions on the minds of sumo fans this May!

Keep watching until the end for a sneak peek of a new series coming soon.

6 thoughts on “2019 Natsu Basho Preview

  1. Was my comment deleted? I mentioned how useful Chris Gould’s channel is and that it may be a good idea to include it under Sumo Resources. I guess it either didn’t post successfully or there are bad vibes between Tachiai and Chris.

    • No bad vibes; we’ve posted Chris’s videos before and they’re great. Comment system can be flaky, especially with links.

    • I haven’t seen it. I’ve usually been pretty quick to approve but I’d not gotten an alert. I’ve got the comment settings pretty strict; I hate spam and will always err on the side of caution (my IT background has me a wee bit conservative). But for that one, I didn’t see it. I’m still pissed at WordPress that I can’t comment from their smartphone app.

    • I’ve got no bad vibes toward any sumo fans or any sumo site; we’re committed to growing the sumo fan community and enjoying sumo.


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