Ozeki Prediction Contest Winners: @GhostVindaloo & @davidaconrad

Congratulations to our Ozeki Prediction Contest winners! @GhostVindaloo and @davidaconrad correctly chose Goeido, Takayasu, and Takakeisho as the May Ozeki cohort…and in the right order.

A lot of interesting work has gone into crowd predictions of the future…particularly around financial markets but sports are more interesting, no? So with that in mind, way back in February, I asked Twitter and on the blog, how many ozeki will we have? It turns out, the crowd was right! I was way wrong, as usual, choosing 5. *DO NOT bring up yu-SHODAI. Terrible pun; even worse prediction.*

Entering Haru Basho, there was a lot of uncertainty around this, with Tochinoshin’s kadoban status, and two possible ozeki runs in the offing from recent Emperor’s Cup winners, Takakeisho & Tamawashi. Come to think of it, Tochinoshin may also qualify as a recent yusho winner, but with his injury clearly hampering his success and the inability to sit out January or March to heal, the probability of his demotion was high.

Though Tamawashi’s putative ozeki run was over after the first few days, Takakeisho’s promotion and Tochinoshin’s demotion came down to their epic senshuraku matchup in a spectacular winner-take-all fashion. Perhaps the “Super Unknown” of this banzuke lineup was the lineup order between Goeido and Takayasu, in which case hometown hero Goeido did not disappoint. He put together a great 12-wins to solidify his Ozeki 1 East status for May.

Congratulations to @GhostVindaloo and @davidaconrad for reading the tea leaves better than me, and wear your Tachiai swag proudly!

2 thoughts on “Ozeki Prediction Contest Winners: @GhostVindaloo & @davidaconrad

  1. I’m super excited! I went to a sumo tournament on my first trip to Japan, the Hatsu basho of 2004, but I didn’t really know anything about the sport until November of 2017 when my wife and I started following the highlights on NHK. Now we can’t get enough. I will wear my shirt proudly here in Austin, Texas!

  2. Interesting to see how the other dude and the lady are bowing down with flat palms, but Takakeisho has a knuckle-bowing style.


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