Juryo for Natsu

Churanoumi accepting the Makushita yusho

The new promotions to Juryo have been announced (since these represent a change to sekitori status, they’re made public early, like Ozeki and Yokozuna promotions but unlike the rest of the banzuke, so that those promoted can appropriately prepare for their new rank).

The three rikishi joining the salaried ranks are: Ms1 Irodori, making his sekitori debut, Makushita yusho winner Ms5 Churanoumi, and M3 Seiro.

Although the corresponding demotions from Juryo are not announced until the full banzuke comes out, it is easy to read the tea leaves. Dropping down to Makushita in May will be J14 Daiseido (3-12), J13 Takanofuji (6-9), and J10 Wakamotoharu (5-10).

Here’s a shot at what the Natsu Juryo banzuke may look like (Makuuchi demotions in bold, Makushita promotions in italic). Toyonoshima and Ikioi should be able to return to Makuuchi quickly with winning records if they can fix what ailed them in Osaka, while Yutakayama and Chiyonokuni have longer roads ahead of them.

  East West
J1 Toyonoshima (M14w 5-10) Ikioi (M9w 2-13)
J2 Takagenji (J4e 8-7) Wakatakakage (J5e 8-7)
J3 Kyokushuho (J6e 8-7) Daiamami (J3w 7-8)
J4 Azumaryu (J7e 8-7) Takanosho (J13e 11-4)
J5 Sokokurai (J7w 8-7) Kotoyuki (J2e 5-10)
J6 Gagamaru (J8e 8-7) Hidenoumi (J10e 9-6)
J7 Kyokutaisei (J9e 8-7) Daishomaru (J5w 6-9)
J8 Yutakayama (M16w 3-12) Mitoryu (J12e 9-6)
J9 Tsurugisho (J6w 6-9) Choyonoumi (J8w 7-8)
J10 Chiyonokuni (M12e 0-0-15) Aminishiki (J11w 8-7)
J11 Arawashi (J12w 8-7) Kiribayama (J14w 9-6)
J12 Churanoumi (Ms5 7-0) Hakuyozan (J3e 3-7-5)
J13 Tobizaru (J11e 7-8) Irodori (Ms1e 5-2)
J14 Seiro (Ms3w 6-1) Akiseyama (J9w 5-10)

17 thoughts on “Juryo for Natsu

  1. Wakamotoharu will learn much from his Juryo debut and will bounce back stronger in Makushita after this tough learning curve. don’t think it will take him long to bounce back and then evolve further….

    • He should be ranked right at the top of Makushita, so a winning score should see him right back up. It was a borderline call—had Seiro had one less win, Wakamotoharu would’ve most likely stayed in Juryo.

  2. I’d be glad to see Seiro back in the pro ranks. He couldn’t really cut it makuuchi but he’s a classic Mongolian belt wrestler and a rock solid juryo performer when healthy. And of course he has a cool name- “Blue Wolf”. If Abi wants to learn some yotsu-sumo he could pick up a few tips from his stablemate.

  3. What happens to rikishi who yo-yo between Juryo and Makushita? Do they gain and lose their privileges (e.g tsukebito) every few months?

    • Yes. There is no reason to let them keep their tsukebito. It may be different for old veterans who drop to Makushita.

      • What happens to former san’yaku who have fallen? Does Terunofuji have to sleep in the common room, clean toilets, and all that now? How do the other non-sekitori usually treat them?

        • Officially, they are just like any other Makushita-and-below rikishi. However, within the heya, it appears they are given special treatment. There was a video from Arashio beya at the time Sokokurai fell to Makushita, and he still had attendants handing him his food. So I doubt Terunofuji cleans toilets. In fact, he gets enough respect that Terutsuyoshi was observed during practice handing him towels – though Terutsuyoshi is the heya’s #2 sekitori at the moment.

  4. Re: Juryo banzuke

    You don’t think Chiyoshoma gets demoted over Ikioi? Chiyoshome literally has nowhere to fall to other than Juryo #1. Ikioi was obviously hurt, but didn’t withdraw. You think he gets any credit from the committee for that?

    • I think 2-13 at M9 is too bad a record to keep someone in Makuuchi; it hasn’t happened in the 10 prior instances in the modern era (since the 1950s). It’s true that Chiyoshoma is something of a special case being literally ranked last, but the banzuke committee generally seems okay with keeping 7-8s at their current rank if the banzuke requires, so this is my guess. It will be interesting to see what they actually do.

      • I really struggled with the lower part of makuuchi – it seems something has to give in terms of either keeping a few guys with losing records at the same rank, promoting a load of ‘undeserving’ juryo candidates, or keeping Ikioi in makuuchi.

        What I’m really glad about is that Aminishiki is still going, early in the basho it really looked like he was following Takekaze into retirement

          • This is going to be an interesting time to test the “popularity considerations” theory I have seen floating around. Namely, if they decide to drop Chiyoshoma and promote Takagenji, it means they are thinking popularity/income/kensho. Both these guys have oyakata in the shimpan department so that shouldn’t make a difference. And I very much doubt the “anti-Takanohana” mood still prevails now that he is safely away, and denying these guys prestige means denying it from Chiganoura.

  5. Posted my juryo guess in the usual forum place, if you’re interested. Only one notable difference though, Chiyonokuni is two ranks up in mine.


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