Quick Hatsu Review – Liam Loves Sumo

After a short break, I’m back with a short review of the 2019 Hatsu Basho. In this video, I briefly discuss the biggest ups and downs of the Hatsu Basho, surprises and disappointments, the Banzuke picture for the upcoming Haru Basho, and the big stories coming out of January.

I want to thank Bruce for encouraging me to post this to the front page. I’ve been brainstorming some new videos and content and I’m very excited to try them out.

Stay tuned, more sumo content coming soon!

8 thoughts on “Quick Hatsu Review – Liam Loves Sumo

  1. Just wanted to write a massive thank you to the whole Tachiai team, after all of your fantastic coverage over the Hatsu Basho. The content continues to be amazing every single day, both during basho and between them. None of my friends are into sumo, so it is fantastic that there is such a great online community with whom to share thoughts and comments about all matters relating to sumo here.

    Tachiai is one of those rare places that caters to all audiences. The level of detail that goes into some of the posts on the lower divisions/ones to watch is massively appreciated. Also, a great amount of effort goes into providing translation from Japanese media sources and social media comments, so that everybody reading Tachiai can have a greater understanding of a sport where comments about injuries etc can often be hard to find. I have been following sumo for a number of years, and I like to go into more detail than the NHK Highlights provide at present. At the same time, anybody who is new to the sport and comments on Tachiai is warmly received. This is a very good thing.

    However busy I am, even if I do not have time to comment, I always read/watch/listen to as much of the context here as possible. So thanks for all of your hard work, you definitely enhance my sumo experience!

    • Thank you so much for you’re incredibly kind words, but we are the ones who should be thanking readers like you! Without you Tachiai wouldn’t be the site it is today, and I can speak for all the writers here when I say that we truly appreciate each and every person that comes to the site to share, discuss and geek out over this wonderful sport!

    • You have nailed why I love this place. I am definitely a newcomer, starting to get seriously interested in May of 2017. Everybody has been welcoming even though my technical knowledge of sumo is limited. Tachiai has helped me learn a lot, even allowing me to correct my husband on occasion. ;)

  2. Terrific report, Liam: succinct, incisive, hitting all the highlights and lowlights — thanks so much and can’t wait for the next basho. Cheers to Tachiai for first-rate sumo reporting and analysis. It’s become my go-to site for sumo, and it gets better all the time. . . .Oh, one thing I’d add to your commentary, another sign of the end of an era: the injuries to Hakuho. He’s still king of the hill, but his successor(s) are ascending the slopes.

    • Thank you for your kind words! That is another great end of an era story. Maybe worthy of it’s own video ;)


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