Day 12 Torikumi Posted

As expected, the big bout on Day 12 will be Yokozuna Hakuho (10-0) vs. his only serious remaining pursuer, Sekiwake Tamawashi (8-2).

In other expected top pairings, it’s Ozeki Takayasu (5-5) vs. M5 Aoiyama (6-4), Sekiwake Takakeisho (7-3) vs. M4 Kotoshogiku (4-6), Komusubi Mitakeumi (5-2-3) vs. M1 Tochiozan (4-6), and Komusubi Myogiryu (4-6) vs. M3 Shohozan (3-7). The one slight surprise is that Ozeki Goeido (4-6) gets a gift from the schedulers in the form of struggling M5 Yoshikaze (2-8). Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised every time they arrange the matchups solely by rank, foregoing more threatening opponents such as, in this case, one of the M6 pair, Chiyotairyu and Onosho, both 6-4.

You can see the whole thing here.

6 thoughts on “Day 12 Torikumi Posted

  1. wakaichiro lost to drop to 4-1.
    They use the swiss system in the lower ranks so his opponent was also 4-0 to start, and was also about 6 inches taller.
    waka looked slow off the tachiai and tried a shift that didn’t work.
    It’s at the 58:00 mark of this video.

    • I saw the day 12 torikumi listed on the Grand Sumo website this morning before the day 11 results had been listed. So the pairings are correct but with the results (e.g. 10 – 0) as they stood after day 10.

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