Day 12 Torikumi Posted

As expected, the big bout on Day 12 will be Yokozuna Hakuho (10-0) vs. his only serious remaining pursuer, Sekiwake Tamawashi (8-2).

In other expected top pairings, it’s Ozeki Takayasu (5-5) vs. M5 Aoiyama (6-4), Sekiwake Takakeisho (7-3) vs. M4 Kotoshogiku (4-6), Komusubi Mitakeumi (5-2-3) vs. M1 Tochiozan (4-6), and Komusubi Myogiryu (4-6) vs. M3 Shohozan (3-7). The one slight surprise is that Ozeki Goeido (4-6) gets a gift from the schedulers in the form of struggling M5 Yoshikaze (2-8). Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised every time they arrange the matchups solely by rank, foregoing more threatening opponents such as, in this case, one of the M6 pair, Chiyotairyu and Onosho, both 6-4.

You can see the whole thing here.

6 thoughts on “Day 12 Torikumi Posted

  1. wakaichiro lost to drop to 4-1.
    They use the swiss system in the lower ranks so his opponent was also 4-0 to start, and was also about 6 inches taller.
    waka looked slow off the tachiai and tried a shift that didn’t work.
    It’s at the 58:00 mark of this video.

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