Komusubi Mitakeumi Returns on Day 11

The just-released Day 11 torikumi shows Mitakeumi (5-2-3) returning from a 4-day absence. His opponent to ease him back in? None other than currently undefeated Dai-Yokozuna Hakuho. Thanks, schedulers!

Mitakeumi will be looking to pick up 3 victories in 5 days to hold on to his rank. Barring that, he’ll be aiming to at least minimize the magnitude of his demotion. Team Tachiai hopes that he is not risking further injury in the attempt.

This also resolves the last remaining uncertainty in Hakuho’s slate of opponents—barring further withdrawals, they will be Okinoumi, Mitakeumi, Tamawashi, Takakeisho, Goeido, and Takayasu. Hakuho’s combined record (not counting forfeits) against this group is, if I counted correctly, 96-10!

Other Day 11 matches of note:

Goeido vs. Aoiyama

Takayasu vs. Okinoumi

Takakeisho vs. Hokutofuji

Tamawashi vs. Kotoshogiku

10 thoughts on “Komusubi Mitakeumi Returns on Day 11

  1. Man, I really hope Mitakeumi isn’t being stupid. He was looking awesome this basho, I don’t want him to exacerbate an injury.

    • Yappari :-( … I hoped he’d sit out for the remaining tournament and let it Heel, but he’s too ambitious.

    • Without a doubt, this is a risky move! I’m — just — stunned. I know, I know, I know…I get it. There are goals for these guys — protect their ranks and get as many wins as possible in a calendar year, but this is really crazy! And Mitakeumi (like Ura) is one of my FAVs! We want to see them at their best, but as Bruce and many others have said, it is the nature of the beast, right?

      It’s Mano-a-mano, it’s head-to-head, it’s full blown Tachiai-to-tachiai…yes, I LOVED it, but man, if you’re seriously bang-up…then please take a seat.

      • UPDATE: Okay. okay. A clearly injured Mitakeumi shows up and the proceed to muscle Hakuho straight back for win? Huh? Wow. Shows what I know, right? What a wacky basho. (Shaking my head).

    • They always do this—plug those returning mid-tournament into the customary bout according to their rank, without any allowance for them not being 100%.

  2. At 5-2-3 returning on Day 11 is the latest date that 10 wins is mathematically possible. Three of five to earn his 8 wins.

    Look for a withdrawal after these are mathematically eliminated. Absence of pain when mounting the dohyo will mean that the injection is working.

    I hope like hell he doesn’t rupture that tendon. It’s such a strong tendon normally, that perhaps the risk of a complete rupture is small. It will be disgusting to watch if it does break loose.

    On the positive side, Mitakeumi’s return saves the schedulers from the decision between tossing Yoshikaze or Onosho to the Boss.

  3. I’d like to believe that Mitakeumi and his team know what they are doing and that he is not putting himself at unnecessary risk. Similar incidents in recent years don’t give me much confidence. See next story.


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