Happy Thanksgiving!
Technology is awesome, ain’t it? Last evening I was chilling with my family, streaming Avatar since we’d yet to see it, when my phone buzzed. It was a Twitter notification:

It hit me that I just can’t imagine how I survived the 80s. I didn’t have email until the 90s or a cellphone until ‘03. Most of my music was on cassette, not even CD. We didn’t even have cable back then. Well, I guess I don’t have cable now, either…
But with this internet thing, holy cow. We’re able to send pictures around the world and share experiences and stuff we’ve learned with people thousands of miles away.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Even more amazing to me was they asked a couple of questions, and the swarm of helpful info that was sent to them in just a few minutes was fantastic. Technology is a “force multiplier”. It can make a great power for good, but can equally magnify the bad as well.

    I am thankful for a place to share my love of sumo with other fans, and for that I am forever grateful.


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