Tachiai Career Quiz #2: Winning Kimarite

Can you guess the wrestler whose sekitori wins are represented here in this pie chart?

Kimarite Quiz

There don’t seem to be many wrestlers who have more than half of their wins from a single kimarite. In this case, it isn’t even close. I would put the difficulty level on this as Easy.

17 thoughts on “Tachiai Career Quiz #2: Winning Kimarite

  1. Currently active rikishi? Makuuchi only? Kotoshogiku seems a great guess. Eyeballing the chart at 650-700 career makuuchi wins, which seems to roughly fit his career. Tochinoshin fits by style but no way does he have that many makuuchi wins.

  2. My guess would be Giku too at least among active/recently active rikishi. Tochinoshin has a high Yorikiri ratio too, but nowhere near enough bouts. I think Kyokutenho had a very high yorikiri ratio as well.
    When you going to solve it? ;)


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