Tachiai Video News Update

New format, new approach! While we are working to get the team together for our normal pre-basho podcast, I put together a shorter look at the banzuke for your enjoyment.

Normal podcast coming later this week!

5 thoughts on “Tachiai Video News Update

  1. Returning to commenting after an extremely busy few months. Very happy to see a banzuke podcast! Have been following Tachiai when I’ve not been so busy over the past few months, coverage has been as phenomenal as always!!! Great work everyone and thanks for all the posts

    • Yes, lots of unconnected Takas.

      Takanosho starts with a 隆.
      All the Takas from Takanohana start with a 貴.
      Takayasu, by merit of using his own personal name rather than a shikona, starts with a plain 高.
      And Takarafuji doesn’t stat with a separate “Taka” but with 宝 – takara.

  2. Really excited as I’m making the long journey over from the UK for 3 days of this one (first live sumo experience), loving all the build up!


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