Aki 2018 Jungyo – Day 6 (Oct 8)

🌐 Location: Minamiashigara, Kanagawa
🚫 Scandal level: 1

The day dawns on Kanagawa. People gather in for some sumo.

Abi and Tsurugisho are still off the torikumi, but Tsurugisho participates in the fansa part of the event.

I suppose it’s a rarity for both sides: there aren’t many black kids in Japan, and I’m sure the kid hasn’t seen many people Tsurugisho’s size, either.

Kagayaki lifted some weights. I mean, lifted the weight of Shonannoumi.

Shonannoumi is a local boy, but I don’t think this activity was exactly front and center.

Hakuho, as usual, was at the foot of the dohyo, exercising:

And Kisenosato… was doing his “dance”:

I still don’t know what this is, really. An attempt to stretch the scar tissue in his chest?

Tochinoshin, being Tochinoshin, was on the dohyo, giving some love to Shodai:

I’m not sure the kawaigari was Shodai’s biggest torture this day, though. Here is a very suspicious game some of the rikishi invented. Do rock-paper-scissors. The loser gets one of his nipples busted. Serious ouch. The first victim is Yutakayama.

First, I would think this is the last game Kagayaki would want to get involved in. Second, from the way they arrange a barrier of rikishi when they do the deed, I think they know they are over the line.

Next victim is Shodai:

Now Yutakayama is doing the barrier thing – but that doesn’t stop him from signing an autograph while Shodai learns the meaning of pain.

In the next exchange, Yutakayama has a very worried face and very defensive stance. I wonder how many of those he lost. But this time, the head criminal, Tamawashi, is the one who loses. And he doesn’t take that very well.

Eventually, though, he straightens up and growls at Shodai: “Do it. Do it already!”, and Yutakayama turns around and guards the scene.

Mmm… I wouldn’t recommend showing any of this to your kindergarten kids. They may get ideas.

Rikishi abuse didn’t end at the dohyo-iri, though. Here is Ryuden pinning Arikawa to the wall. The other day I thought that Arikawa was Shohozan’s tsukebito, but as it turns out, he is Kisenosato’s. Hence the white gloves.

This must be right after or right before Kisenosato’s dohyo-iri. Ryuden is already in his fighting mawashi as his torikumi was the second. Kagayaki seems to be still in his kesho-mawashi (he is Kisenosato’s tachimochi).

The only bout I have is this rather low-quality video of Onosho vs. Shohozan.

The first time I watched it I thought I was watching a bit of shokkiri. Only after the announcer calls the kimarite and says it’s Onosho’s win that I became somewhat convinced that this was an actual match.

Here is your Tobizaru.

Tobizaru in a bona-fide sumo moment on the dohyo.

16 thoughts on “Aki 2018 Jungyo – Day 6 (Oct 8)

  1. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Hakuho practicing on the dohyo for a while. Seems his right knee is causing him a lot of pain again.

  2. It seems if you put Tamawashi in a kesho-mawashi during the Jungyo and make him wait around then the abuse and silliness begins.

  3. also looks like Tobizaru is holding his big toes on with tape, after Hakuho’s recurring issues i seem to notice this alot more in our rikishi…

  4. Wow, that Kise dance gets really hypnotic after a while, once he gets into a good rhythm . . .
    Thank you, thank you so much, Herouth, for these Jungyo updates – I am totally loving all the silly, jock horseplay and goofing off.
    One question – the scandal level has nudged up to 1. Is that a reflection of the naughty nipple flicking game?

    • Yes. Maybe it’s just me and my personal life experience but I really do think this game is something I’d put a stop to if I was in charge.

      • I wouldn’t ban it unless you can come up with an alternative activity for big, bored, young and virtually naked young men to indulge in. No wait! A few packs of playing cards or a bag of marbles might do the trick. How about a couple of pool tables or a dart board.

        • I’m pretty sure they can come up with games that do not involve accepting torture under peer pressure. They can always resort to shiritori. Only I guess their interpretation would be to actually grab each other’s asses.

        • This conversation reminded me of an excerpt from Akebono’s autobiography, Gaijin Yokozuna, when a young Chad Rowan spent some time at a fellow rikishi’s home.

          Perhaps the most important thing Chad learned by watching Imura and his family interact was what led him to realize that when his deshi were making fun of him at Azumazeki Beya, they were not just doing it for sport. “I used to always think it was funny, because I always felt like I was getting picked on,” he later recalled, “but then I started to realize the Japanese style. They have a real funny way of showing their love, especially in sport. The way they think is if they pick on you and beat you up, that is the way they show their love for you. And as far as this method of showing affection was acted out in the sumo-beya, he said, “I think that is really fucked up.” … When Chad finally began to realize that most of the boys in the heya had accepted him and that their taunts at his long legs were in fact affectionate, he began, for the first time, to feel at home.”

          • I would buy this w.r.t. to that nipple game, if it wasn’t for one thing: Yutakayama’s expression and body language.

            • That’s a fair point. Watching the videos again It’s hard to say what’s going on. At some points he does seem concerned and pent up, but at other times laughter over takes him and he looks equally gleeful to see Tamawashi get his fair due. Is this the reaction of a man trying to get through a stressful period of peer pressure, or is he just taking part in a bit of rough horseplay with the boys. From my point of view growing up in a sports family, it seems like the latter. For Yutakayama’s sake I hope that’s the case, and these guys are just having a big ‘ol nipple flicking love fest.

              But of course, while I may not fully condone this whole love through abuse macho-ism that is so prevalent in male relationships (especially in the world of sports and sumo according to Akebono), I don’t want to press my beliefs on another cultures.

  5. That scandal level is gonna go up if Kisenosato throws another move into that dance. Thanks to all for this Jungyo coverage.

  6. Now, you gotta see the Kisenosato dance whilst listening to salsa!
    I had a salsa song in the background at work and pressed play to the video of Herouth, It´s the perfect match!


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