Aki Story 1 – Wakaichiro

Wakaichiro nagoya Day 1

In the heat and toil of Nagoya, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro pulled off a come from behind kachi-koshi from a Sandanme 94 slot. This was his 3rd posting to a Sandanme rank, and the first time he was able to achieve kachi-koshi in that division. His Nagoya record was

Day 1 – Win vs Kotoato
Day 3 – Loss vs Dewaazuma
Day 5 – Loss vs Kototora
Day 7 – Loss vs Kotorikuzan
Day 9 – Win vs Mienosato
Day 11 – Win vs Mitsumune
Day 14 – Win vs Fudano

As you can see, Wakaichiro ran his record to 1-3 before he battled back with 3 straight wins to earn his promotion. For Aki he is posted to Sandanme 77, his highest rank ever, and will face a tough slate of up-and-coming rikishi, along with many grizzled vets. His fans should take heart, as he has always fought better in Tokyo, and has a real chance of a break out basho.

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