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With the Banzuke published, team Tachiai took to Skype to discuss the upcoming Aki basho. Top wrestlers, genki report, ones to watch and the always regrettable predictions – this podcast has it all. Audio one is up first, with the video on to follow Thursday once we get YouTube to behave.

17 thoughts on “Aki 2018 Banzuke Audio Podcast

    • didn’t realise Ishiura has spent alot of time in Oztraylia! he’s a cool rikishi but i’d like to see him have more to his repatoire like Terutsuyoshi does. i think that would make him more ‘fan-popular’ instead of constant henka. i do adore the way he loves his little family – he seems like a lovely fellow…

    • So our YouTube connection has recovered enough to permit us to post the video. Look for it to pop up in about an hour or so.

  1. Tamawashi yusho – not as far fetched as it sounds! i think you’re on the money with that! and also some Yoshikaze-karnage at the bottom of the banzuke! what a way for our favourite berserker to begin his evolution into kabu. one more prediction for the list- i think Yago will have another very solid tournament at J2 which will either cement him at J1 or sneak him into Makuuchi… either way – 10 days to go!!! thanks again for a fantabulous podcast!

  2. If the sanyaku is as banged up as it looks, and Tamawashi has one of his really hot tournaments, then I could see it happening I guess.

    If Hakuho shows up though, he’s not getting through him. Hakuho will always find a way to beat Tamawashi, and do it very angrily.

  3. I call your Tamawashi yusho and raise with Ichinojo yusho. I like Onosho from just outside jo’i and I’m very hopeful that Chiyoshoma can put up some big numbers. I know that I’m always banging the drum for Chiyoshoma and he never seems to pick up the rhythm but maybe this time…

    • Chiyoshoma is too light, and although he has been trying, has yet to master the Harumafuji tricks. Add to that almost total lack of fan support due to flaws of character.

      • I’m hoping Arawashi’s demotion might make him buck his ideas up a bit. He’s fast and skillful and he never seems get injured but it’s true that he is small and seems to be quite happy just to be in makuuchi. I don’t mind bit of sneakiness, but then I’m like Jimmy in Goodfellas- I tend to root for the bad guy in the movies.

          • Do you too, like Kintamayama, think that Arawashi and Chiyoshoma are the same person? :-)

            Sneakiness is one thing. Slapping a guy outside of a bout is another. And well, in my book, pulling pranks on one’s tsukebito, who cannot retaliate or resist, is low. These are the exact same reasons I am not Hakuho’s fan.

    • I’m an Ichinojo fan, but yusho? I’ll raise you a Kaisei yusho happens before an Ichinojo yusho but not at Aki. I forsee a Mitakeumi repeat.

  4. Love the work that you do. Sure would be swell if you could give a direct download option for your podcast.


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