Natsu Jungyo Summary

Thanks again to Herouth for her reporting on the Natsu Jungyo! Not only does it help mitigate sumo withdrawal symptoms, I feel like I learn something new about the sport every time, making it much more accessible. From the different forms of practice (keiko) to what the wrestlers do to kill time and horse around, to the way the yokozuna rope (tsuna) is tied and how their hair gets done. These jungyo reports are always something special so I wanted to call it out. I want to make it to at least one of these jungyo events next time I am in Japan.

If you want to re-visit the jungyo tour, you will find it in the “Features” menu along with past tours. I’ll also re-blog this next week in the lead-up to the tournament. It’s great to glean what we can of the fitness of our favorite rikishi. I am hoping all of our Yokozuna and Ozeki are able to compete this basho!

4 thoughts on “Natsu Jungyo Summary

  1. I am using my sister’s word press account because I don’t have access to mine…yet.

    I didn’t know where to ask this question so I hope it’s okay to leave it here. I am very very interested in the Tachiai logo t shirts. Is there any way I can ask, beg , or plead for a Japanese pink blossom color shirt? I”ll even pay more for the shirt if that helps. I want to support my favorite younger sumo wrestler URA. I also adore Enho….wish he was my age and available ha ha! Just kidding, I’m happily married, but if I was single and younger….look out Enho. Btw, what is his color now that he has moved up some? Thank you for allowing people to post and make comments. Keep up the great work! We love ya! Sincerely, Maj. (sel.) Shayron Alvarado USAF ret.

    …again via my sister’s account.

    • You could get the white shirt and tie-dye it. Just practice on a cheap shirt first to get the color right. I hear 1/10 the amount of red makes a good pink. If you don’t twist the shirt up first you won’t get the spirals and just soak it in a plastic tub with the color to get an even pink. Good luck and enjoy the Aki honbasho.

    • I like the idea. I could modify the circle so it’s a cherry blossom…Maybe 5 heart-shape petals? I’ll play with it.


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