Natsu 2018 Jungyo – penultimate report

Now, the Jungyo is over, the banzuke has already been published, and the rikishi are lining up for their health checkups. But there are still two Jungyo days left unreported! I shall not shirk my duty just because I’m a little late! Day 25, the penultimate event, here we go!

🌐 Location: Kasukabe, Saitama


Of course, the important news to many of our readers is that Hakuho was back after only one day of hiatus. However, he was off the torikumi and off the dohyo in general – back to square one, so to speak.

With Chiyonoumi. Rare moment coaching a wrestler other than his own uchi-deshi

The merry foursome from yesterday broke up somewhat, and only Hokutofuji and Tobizaru were still working out on the sidelines:

Hokutofuji definitely stronger than Tobizaru.

Ichinojo was practicing again with his less-than-enthusiastic tsukebito.

Well, it’s a known fact that practicing with Ichinojo can leech all of one’s stamina, and being a Saitama man, Minatoryu needed all his strength to show off to the spectators.

Here we have Wakatakakage and Gokushindo doing their stretches while exchanging combinations of moves. “Hatakikomi!”. “Hatakikomi and kachiage!”. “Hatakikomi, kachiage, harizashi!”.

But who is the evil criminal who pulls Gokushindo back like that?


It’s… Nishikigi’s evil twin???

Now, let’s meet Shohoryu. No, he is not Hoshoryu, he is Shohoryu. And he is wearing….


A hula skirt?

A little bit about the sagari worn by wrestlers in Makushita and below.

While sekitori’s sagari match their silk shimekomi (bout mawashi) and are made from a partially unwoven piece of cloth with the strands stiffened, low-ranking sagari is much simpler. It’s made of a stiff insert into which plain cheap-ass nylon cords are sewn. These have various colors – but usually only just one color per sagari. And an odd number of strands – 13 is a good number.

What Shohoryu is wearing is definitely not a standard sagari. It’s a fashion statement. Probably made by a loving hand (heavy strands, too!) I wonder if he’ll wear it for honbasho as well. He certainly didn’t in the previous basho – though this sagari may be new.

Shohoryu actually got quite some attention in this event, although he is not a Saitama man. He got some butsukari from an Ozeki. Seriously?

Of the bouts of the day, I have one pic and one vid. The pic is of Aoiyama getting fed up with Ishiura’s shticks:


And the vid is of the musubi-no-ichiban. Kakuryu vs. Kisenosato:

Here is your Enho, expect the last report tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Natsu 2018 Jungyo – penultimate report

  1. Part of me gets nervous seeing Tochinoshin without his brace. I really hope the ONLY reason he’s not wearing it is because his doctor said he didn’t need it anymore, only needs it in honbasho, something like that….

  2. In the Ichinojo video, did anyone else notice the Mickey Mouse towel across the lap of the seated rikishi? These guys are just really, really big kids!

  3. It’s only Jungyo, but I haven’t seen Kisenosato resist like this on the edge in almost 2 years. Maybe he can put up some fight the coming basho after all.


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